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A new hardware and software system combines mathematical modelling, integrated sensors and production control strategies for optimised tailor-made polymer production.

Traditionally, the design and manufacturing of polymers has been characterised by a trial-based approach. A large number of lab tests and pilot runs have been required to determine which process parameters and strategies are most suitable for the industrial manufacturing of a particular polymer. This type of approach is costly, time consuming and wasteful.

This project was aimed at the development and integration of hardware and software sensors, statistical calculation procedures and advanced process control techniques for the intelligent manufacturing of polymers. A variety of scientific and technical problems had to be solved, including the elaboration of mathematical models for predicting molecular and morphological properties. Sensors were developed for measuring process parameters like solid content, viscosity and particle size. Finally, process control strategies were set up to ensure a safe and optimised reaction process, both from an economical and polymer quality point of view.

Applying the new system internally, all of the project partners have realised economic benefits, in terms of increased productivity, reduced production rejection, more efficient material consumption, reduced man-power requirements and reduced design and planning time.

Cordis RCN: 17779
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