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Graphic element Tile manufacturing sector benefits from new advanced glazing technologies
Advanced tile glazing technologies requires less water and will likely improve the efficiency of manufacturing procedures.
This project has developed five glazes for single-fired or double-fired floor and wall tiles. Three are in the form of spray-dried powders, to be applied by dust pressing glazing and the other two are in the form of milled frits, to be applied using the spreading/drop technique.

The main benefit of the new glazes in comparison with conventional ones is the reduction in water consumption during the whole glaze cycle (from glaze preparation to glaze application). They are also likely to lead to an increase in the efficiency of tile manufacturing procedures.

The glazes will ultimately be used to produce longer lasting tiles for the home, the workplace and public places. This will enhance the competitiveness of the European tile manufacturing sector.

The partners, who had complementary expertise and worked well together, agree that further development work is required before the final products can be commercialised.

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