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Mining costs and waste can be lowered and product quality and yield increased using a new optical separation process.

Operating costs and product quality and yield are critical concerns in the mining sector, but much of the potentially useful material which is mined today still goes back to landfill because of the difficulty of separating it out from unusable material. Conventional recovery techniques include magnetic separation and dense media separation.

This project aimed to improve the valorisation process for waste from magnesite mining. Partners developed a sophisticated new technique using the Reticon Camera sorter, an optical separator. The results demonstrated potential improvements in operating costs, as well as in product quality and yield, meaning increased competitivity for European mines. The environmental benefits of extracting a maximum of usable material during mining are obvious.

Part of the research was carried out via simulation and partners believe the use of simulation in such optimisation exercises could spread rapidly given the major gains demonstrated for the mining industry. Much of the credit for the success of this project goes to the collaboration shown between research and industrial institutions.

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