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Self-lubricating sintered silicon carbide (SSiC) with optimised porosity and infiltration can now be used in friction-resistant seals, faces, bearings and couplings in industrial machines.

Components like mechanical seals, sliding bearings and magnetic couplings are of fundamental importance in industrial tools and equipment like pumps, mixers, agitators and turbo compressors. These components are particularly subject to friction and wear and, depending on the sector, their failure can result in the leakage of potentially hazardous products.

This project was aimed at developing an advanced ceramic material (self-lubricating sintered silicon carbide SSiC) with improved characteristics for extending the performance of components such as sliding bearings and mechanical seal faces. Partners demonstrated that SSiC sliding faces can be structured in a defined and reproducible way through laser beam treatment. A new SSiC material was developed with superficial closed porosity allowing it to withstand longer periods under friction without serious degradation. The SSiC manufacturing process was optimised and the feasibility of producing large and complex components was demonstrated.

Partners see numerous applications for their new material and are seeking buyers in the pharmaceutical, automotive, wire production and petroleum sectors. Two of the partners are working on a new Brite-Euram project dedicated to this topic, in direct competition with a similar project in the US.

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