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New design methodology and software have been developed for motion control units like slideways, anti-friction guideways, NC-systems and electrical drives, reducing time and costs.

The KERNEL-I project was aimed at developing new designs for motion control units like slideways and electrical drives for high-performance machine tools.

The research led to the development of new software-based simulation tools, and to a new methodological approach to unit design. Comparative studies were carried out on suitable structural materials and numerical control schemes were developed for high-speed milling. The application of the new approach led to a significant reduction in the need for prototyping and testing during the design of machine tools and their components, meaning a shorter time to market. Costs were also significantly reduced. Finally, new components were developed with improved performance features.

Since the completion of the project the industrial partners have used the results to develop new products like high-speed machining centres, anti-friction guideways, specialised NC-systems and improved electrical drives. Some of these developments have already been introduced successfully to the market while others are being prepared for market launch. Some of the partners have continued to work in the same area under the successor Brite Euram project, KERNEL-II.

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