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New polymer and mineral filler mixes mean improved fire safety at lower costs for cable sheaths. The European cable market gets an environmentally-friendly boost.

The European market for industrial cables is enormous and safety standards with respect to their use in industrial, civil and domestic electrical plants have become more and more stringent. Of special concern has been the question of inflammability of cable sheaths and the toxicity of fumes which can be released as a result of their burning.

The principle aim of this project was the development of halogen-free thermoplastic materials for replacing polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in electric cable sheaths. The new materials are inexpensive and fire resistant. When they do burn they release non-toxic smoke and they exhibit good processability and sufficient mechanical properties to compete advantageously with PVC. What is more, they are recyclable, thus providing important ecological benefits.

Partners say they wanted to achieve high production capacities using low-cost materials. Low cost European cables will mean increased competitivity with cables from other countries which have lower labour costs. The market perspects looks promising and are not limited to the cable industry.

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