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Asbestos-based gaskets are being replaced but a common set of standards is lacking. European competitivity gets a boost from new materials and testing techniques.

Asbestos-based gaskets were long the state of the art in industrial applications dealing with high temperature media, in power plants or the chemical industry for example. More recently, rising standards on emission control and health in the workplace have called for the installation of asbestos-free materials. While such gaskets do already exist on the market, broader application has been hindered by a lack of commonly accepted standards.

This project aimed to develop asbestos-free graphite-, fibre-, PTFE- and mica-based gaskets and new testing techniques to help harmonise European standards and accelerate gasket replacement. Standardisation will ultimately help to improve European competitiveness in plant and apparatus engineering compared in particular to US-based companies. It will also mean, of course, an important positive impact on health in the workplace, both in the gasket manufacturing sector and in user industries.

Project partners represent the entire chain from raw material and gasket manufacturers to industrial end-users. Some of the industrial partners have already launched new products and a draft standard for gasket testing has been submitted to CEN.

Cordis RCN: 22860
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