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Graphic element Ceramic powders for the production of high-power resistors
Varistors which can absorb two to three times more energy than conventional components have been developed using doped ceramic powders.

Varistors are special electronic components like resistors used for protection, operation or current control. Such components are critical elements in mobile phones, in computers and in the power industry in general.

This project was aimed at improving the quality and reliability of varistor discs. It involved the development of high-homogeneity doped ZnO ceramic powders used in varistor production. New preparation methods were developed using wet chemistry routes. Some new software was also produced.

The result is a high performance varistor body capable of absorbing two to three times more energy as compared to present materials. The manufacturing process was optimised resulting in the use of less material, increasing yield and reducing energy consumed.

There is a world-wide market for varistor powders, with opportunities for European producers in Japan and especially in the United States. Partners see further applications for their highly competitive products in areas such as the food industry.

Cordis RCN: 6563
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