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A new process increases quality and yield and reduces costs and waste in the lead-acid battery recycling process. High economic and environmental potential is seen.

Changes in the lead-acid battery manufacturing sector, including the introduction of more stringent environmental constraints, are playing a major role in the shaping of the recycling industry. More than 90% of spent lead-acid batteries are recycled in Europe and battery recycling is now a well-established industrial activity in every European country.

Técnicas Reunidas, an engineering company, has associated itself with R&D services providers in order to develop a new process for recycling lead oxide from different industrial residues. Compared to existing recycling techniques, the new PLACID process represents an important economic and environmental step forward, producing higher-quality electrolytic lead and smaller amounts of solid residues. This means lower operating costs and a cleaner safer working environment.

A very active dissemination programme is currently underway and partners see an enormous potential world-wide market where about 3 million tons of recycled lead are produced every year.

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