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A new injection process means zinc can now be recovered economically from steel industry flue dust, reducing costs and environmental impact.

Steel making costs are heavily influenced by the cost of dealing with by-products, including zinc- and lead-containing flue dust. Traditionally, this dust has had to be transported away for zinc and lead recovery.

Using a new state-of-the-art injection technique, two furnace operators and an R&D group have developed a dust recycling system to be integrated into the electrical arc furnace process. The new system, which has now been fully implemented at both production sites, allows improved zinc recovery and a reduction in the amount of dust that has to be sent away for processing. The results represent an important step on the way to better environmental compatibility of European steel making.

One of the industrial operators has already teamed up with a process engineering subsidiary to exploit the process commercially via sales of hardware modifications and consulting support in furnace locations where newer more vigorous environmental constraints are in effect. Partners credit European funding and a remarkable collaboration between the industrial and research partners for the project's success.

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