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Europe: an area for research
European research at SITEF 2000

18/10/2000 - 21/10/2000


The European Union invests more than 3 billion euros each year in transnational research. If you are planning to attend SITEF 2000 (Toulouse, 18-21 October) come and find out more at the European Commission's Research stand.

Location: C404 in Hall 4.

On 19 October the EC Research Commissioner, Philippe Busquin, and French Research Minister, Roger-Gérard Schwartzenberg, will visit the stand around 4:30.

Journalists are welcome to talk with EC press officers and scientists over a drink from 4:30 onwards each day 18-20 (not 21).

Location: Toulouse

Please visit for more details.

Mr Stephen Gosden


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