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Graphic element From Growth to FP6: ‘key actions’ and ‘generic activities’ become ‘thematic priorities’

The Growth Programme brought together a range of ‘key actions’ and ‘generic activities’ in the European Commission’s Fifth Framework Programme (FP5) to promote sustainable industrial growth by stimulating innovation and co-operation in European research and technological development (RTD). Under the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6), launched in November 2002 with a budget of € 17.5 billion and running until 2006, funding for such industrial research is now provided under a number of ‘thematic priorities’ designed to support the creation of a European Research Area with larger scale research integration, a longer term perspective and a series of new funding instruments .

Critical technologies, concepts and policies

Generic research activities

For details on how to participate and for the latest information on calls for proposals under the Framework Programmes, see the CORDIS FP6 website .

More information about steel research can be found on the CORDIS steel website .


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