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Trans-Atlantic co-operation on nanotechnology

The EU and the US are working together to establish trans-Atlantic cooperation in nanoscale science and engineering. Workshops on nanotechnology have been held under the umbrella of the EU-US agreement on Scientific and Technological Cooperation and, in particular, the Implementation Arrangement between the European Commission and the National Science Foundation for co-operative activities in the field of materials science. "Nanotechnology, the next industrial revolution? Nanotechnology in the EU and US" was held in Toulouse, France, on 19 October 2000. The main objective of this workshop was to increase awareness of and possibilities offered by the EU-US agreement, and to discuss areas where EU-NSF cooperation could be particularly beneficial. An NSF fact sheet entitled "Nanotechnology in the United States" provides further information about US research in this field.

The workshop conclusions will be made available on the Competitive and Sustainable Growth website as they become available.

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