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European Research Area

EC-funded actions have been involved for over ten years in concerted activities throughout the Union to optimise the use of resources and expertise. In January 2000, Commissioner Philippe Busquin outlined the concept of a European Research Area (ERA) which will better co-ordinate research activities at both EU and Member State level to keep Europe at the cutting edge of RTD. In addition, ERA should also play a key role in strengthening the scientific basis for EU policy-making, anticipating the application of scientific progress, responding to citizens' demands for greater safety, and reinforcing the position of Europe on a global scale.

Also crucial to economic growth in Europe is the participation of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which constitute the principal source of jobs in Europe. The opportunities for existing SMEs and the potential for creating new ones are great in an emerging new technology where current knowledge is scattered and exists mainly in university and research centres. Many new SMEs will be needed to actively stimulate innovative R&D in specific areas of nanotechnology.

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European Research Area
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