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Nanotechnology in Europe

The European Commission has supported nanotechnology research throughout Europe under the umbrella of its Framework RTD Programmes. Consortia of researchers in the field have been active within Esprit (information technologies), Biotech (biotechnology), Brite-Euram (materials) and other programmes. In addition, the COST programme (European co-operation in the field of scientific and technical research) has launched co-ordination actions.

Nanotechnology is distributed across the current Fifth Framework Programme (1998-2002). In terms of research funding, the most important programmes are: Improving the Quality of Life (QoL); Information Society Technologies (IST); and Competitive and Sustainable Growth (GROWTH). Two typical examples of projects in nanotechnology from each of these programmes are described in the accompanying text. They indicate the breadth and scope of nanotechnology RTD in the EU today. In addition, the programme Improving Human Potential (IHP) supports education in nanotechnology through a system of Research Training Networks, and several COST actions are ongoing.

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Nanotechnology in Europe
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