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In its January 2001 report "European Aeronautics: A Vision for 2020" , the Group of Personalities chaired by Commissioner Philippe Busquin set out a number of recommendations for fulfilling Europe's goal of better serving society's needs while becoming a global leader in the field of aeronautics. Among its conclusions, the Group stressed the need for a new Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe (ACARE) whose goal would be to develop and implement a strategic approach to European aeronautics research. The new committee is now set to begin its work on the 19th of June on the occassion of the 44th Paris air show at Le Bourget (France).

All eyes were on the Group of Personalities when, at the Aeronautics Days 2001 conference, held last January in Hamburg, Commissioner Busquin unveiled its visionary report. Among the issues discussed were the need for long-term commitment among all stakeholders, including airlines, airports, air traffic controllers, regulators, research institutes and academia.

ACARE: membership and mission

The ACARE will be composed of 25-30 members, including representation from Member States, the Commission and stakeholders. It will meet two to three times a year and will submit a Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) as well as its positions, opinions, recommendations and reports to all the relevant players. The primary mission of the ACARE will be to establish and carry forward the SRA, which will serve as a guide in the planning of research programmes, particularly national and EU programmes. To this end, its activities will include:

  • the launching, approval and updating of the SRA;
  • the making of strategic and operational recommendations and the commissioning of studies for implementing the SRA;
  • the evaluation of the results and benefits of the SRA for Member States, the Commission and other players;
  • the recommendation of measures for optimising the use of existing research infrastructure and achieving cost-effective investments;
  • the recommendation of measures for improving education policies to attract the scientists and engineers needed in the sector;
  • the implementation of a communications strategy for promoting awareness of the SRA and for disseminating information on research.
The Strategic Research Agenda

The SRA represents the plan for materialising the 2020 Vision and the goals it identifies. Those goals were to make Europe the uncontested world leader in aeronautics through collaboration, strengthened and guided by a single shared vision and the creation of a common structure as regards research and technological development in the service of a leading-edge sector symbolising European industrial ingenuity and excellence. The response to issues of public interest was also a key element of the 2020 Vision, including noise reduction, emission reduction, travel delays, and safer air transport.

The SRA will not be a detailed research work programme, but will consist of a statement of research priorities, including recommendations for the implementation of both public and private research programmes and the identification of the necessary steps and timing. It will also determine to what extent existing plans and programmes remain valid. While the SRA will no doubt strongly influence research at different levels, the various players will continue to have different roles. The ACARE will therefore have to take these different roles into account in its development of the SRA, recognising the complementary and co-operative nature of aeronautics research in the European Research Area (ERA).

ACARE: membership and mission
The Strategic Research Agenda

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