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Workshop gets results afloat

Technological progress in floating structures which will enable the oil and gas industry to open new deep water fields will be discussed at a workshop in Paris on 5 June 2003. Organised by FLOATTECH, an FP5 thematic network on technologies for floating structures, the workshop is about sharing proposals with a view to forming consortia.

The offshore oil and gas industry has been a strong driver of research in western Europe in recent decades, but European fields – principally in the North Sea are now reaching maturity. Recent discoveries of oil and gas fields have been in other areas of the world, including off western Africa, Brazil, the Gulf of Mexico and in the Caspian Sea, but these are all in deep waters where new technical solutions are required if these resources are to be extracted economically.

The market for offshore installations is estimated at over €30 billion in the next five years, with some 130 deepwater floating platforms for production, storage and transfer of oil and gas expected to be installed in this period. Since the new fields are outside Europe’s immediate sphere of influence, European manufacturers and suppliers must redouble their efforts to compete with counterparts from other regions. Clear research commitments in Europe will help European companies maintain their strong position in the field.

Thematic network

The scale of the research needed means that cooperation at European level is essential. The FLOATTECH thematic network set up within the Growth programme brings together 37 institutions and companies, cooperating closely with major end-user oil and gas companies. The objective of FLOATTECH is to improve the cost-effectiveness of floating structures technology for the offshore industry, particularly in deep waters and harsh environments, while maintaining and increasing respect for safety and the environment.

The open workshop to be held at the Institut Français du Pétrole (IFP) in Paris on 5 June 2003 will evaluate means to exploit results. In the first session, major energy companies will describe their needs for floating structures. Presentations of the latest results of network members, and new project proposals will follow. Participants will then have the opportunity to discuss potential cooperation.


Magne Nygård, workshop chair:

Workshop programme

Thematic network

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