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The European Vehicle Passive Safety Network (EVPSN) held its third annual conference on 2 October 2002 in Brussels. The event featured high-level discussions among some of Europe's top vehicle safety players. Researchers presented the network's latest results as well as plans for future RTD.

The EVPSN brings together more than 45 highly experienced and multidisciplinary partners, including major car manufacturers, safety systems suppliers, research institutes and universities from across Europe with the goal of reducing the number of road accident victims.

The October 2002 conference was organised by the Netherlands’ TNO Automotive in collaboration with Chalmers University of Technology and DaimlerChrysler. According to EVPSN co-ordinator Dr Jac Wismans, conference topics included accidentology, injury biomechanics, restraint systems, vehicle crashworthiness and virtual testing. Technical presentations covered Community-funded research projects and several organisations presented their views on passive and active safety issues.

For more on the EVPSN, including the conference programme, visit the network's website at:

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Research and development in road vehicle safety is supported under the Growth Programme's key action on ‘Land transport and marine technologies’.

EVPSN - European vehicle passive safety network (BRRT985063)


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