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Motor vehicles have become the primary means of personal and commercial mobility in today's world, but this success has created major environmental challenges in terms of fuel consumption and CO2 emission. With pressure mounting on the automotive industry to clean up its act, the EC-funded ADIGA project cluster set out to develop a new, cleaner internal combustion engine using direct injection (DI) technology. Now, ADIGA has been awarded the 2001 EUCAR Award for the most important European innovation in the automotive field.

Automobiles are by far the most technologically advanced consumer goods in common use today. Nevertheless, customers continue to demand higher quality, safer and more reliable cars, all in the face of tough international competition and increasing pressure from regulatory authorities, especially with respect to environmental performance.

The ADIGA project cluster (Advanced direct injection gasoline engine) is a prime example of the kind of focussed research and development now being encouraged within the European automotive industry as it takes a leading role in furthering the sustainable development of our economy.

ADIGA - Tomorrow's technology today

Direct injection (DI) is widely recognised within the industry as a high-potential 'next generation' technology that could substantially boost the efficiency of conventional internal combustion gasoline engines. It involves injecting fuel directly into the engine cylinder or combustion chamber, instead of indirectly through an inlet port or via a carburettor. The new ADIGA engine, developed by project partners Centro Ricerche Fiat , DaimlerChrysler , Magneti Marelli and the Aachen University of Technology (RWTH) , cuts fuel consumption and CO2 emission by an impressive 15 percent, allowing real time control of fuel and air flows without the need for flow meters and throttles. The Fiat Group is now developing the engine for large-scale industrial production in co-operation with leading component suppliers in the sector.

Partners say ADIGA goes a long way towards helping meet Europe's global environmental commitments. Under the Kyoto international environment accords, the EU has agreed to reduce greenhouse gases by 8 percent by the year 2012, as compared to 1990 levels. Greenhouse gases, resulting from the burning of fossil fuels, damage the ozone layer and are blamed for climate instability due to warming of the earth's atmosphere.

EUCAR - Rewarding excellence

Recognising outstanding and innovative achievements in the automotive industry is what the EUCAR Award is all about. EUCAR (the European Council for Automotive R&D) constitutes representatives of the major European automakers, joined together to support and promote efficiency, effectiveness and economy in automotive R&D. Established in 1994 and guided by the Board of Directors of ACEA (Association of European Automobile Manufacturers), EUCAR has developed an automotive R&D Master Plan which defines a European approach to technologies for automotive development.

With the automotive industry now a major industrial contributor to Europe's GDP, co-operation is seen as the best way to approach research and development, allowing the industry to meet the increasing challenges of social responsibility and strengthening competitiveness.

ADIGA - Tomorrow's technology today
EUCAR - Rewarding excellence

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Actions aimed at developing cleaner and more efficient automobile engines are supported under the Growth Programme's key action in 'Land transport and marine technologies'


ADIGA - Advanced D.I. gasoline engine.


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