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1. Welcome address - Philippe Busquin
(European Commissioner for Research)
- PDF file (179 Kb)
- text file

Also available in French (text file - PDF file)
and Dutch (text file - PDF file)

2. 'Towards a sustainable future for Europe'
- Sustainable production background (text file)

3. 'Community research on pulp and paper'
- Pulp and paper industry background (text file)

4. Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI)
- Speech by Annick Carpentier, Director (text file)
- Presentation

5. 'Combined technologies slash paper-mill water waste'
- Craft project case history (text file)
- Presentation by Mark Lazonder (pdf file - 353Kb)
 (TNO, Delft, The Netherlands)
- Image 1 - Membrane Unit
- Image 2 - Membrane Pilot Unit
- Image 3 - Settle Plate clarifier

6. 'Dry process helps reduce environmental impact of tissue manufacturing process' -
- ECOTISSUE project case history (text file)
- Presentation by Thami Chihani (pdf file - 356Kb)
  (SCA Hygiene, Mannheim, Germany)

7. 'Bio-cleaning aids paper-mill water conservation'
- PAPER KIDNEY project case history (text file)
- Presentation by Dieter Pauly (pdf file - 720Kb)
  (Papiertechnische Stiftung, Munich, Germany)

8. 'Enzymes fight paper machine slimes'
- SLIMEZYMES project case history (text file)
- Image 1 / Image 2

9. 'Paper mill shows the way in environmental care'
- Oudegem Papier background (text file)

10. Applying best sustainable practices to Pulp and Paper
- text file

Conference cover

Download the entire package as a ZIP file
(1.68 Mb).

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