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1. Programme
PDF file - (size 98 kb)

2. Conclusions

Philippe Busquin (EU Research Commissioner)
Speech (EN - pdf file 131 Kb | Text file 11 Kb)
(FR - pdf file 123 Kb | Text file 12 Kb)
(DK - pdf file 127 Kb | Text file 11 Kb)

Commissioner’s website | CV

3. From advanced nanotechnology to sustainable production

Helge Sander, Danish Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation
Speech (EN - pdf file 39 Kb | Text file 1 Kb)

4. Presentation of research projects

  • Safe water: micro-nanosensors for monitoring waste and drinking water
    (MICROCHEM RTD project)
    Peter Gravesen, Danfoss A/S (Denmark)
    PDF file - (size 2 Mb)
  • Safer, cleaner, more durable products and vehicles: the role of nanocomposites
    (NANOMAG RTD project)
    Stefano Plano, CRF (Italy)
    PDF file - (size 617 kb)
  • Nanotechnologies for sustainable production and quality of life (Nanoforum thematic network)
    Ottilia Saxl, Institute of Nanotechnology (UK)
    PDF file - (size 244 kb)

5. Speaker profiles

PDF file - (size 146 kb)

(Philippe BUSQUIN, EU Commissioner for Research; Kim CARNEIRO, Director of the Danish Institute for Fundamental Metrology (DFM); Peter GRAVESEN, Danfoss A/S (Denmark); Lars PALLESEN, Rector of DTU; Stefano PLANO, CRF (Italy); Helge SANDER, Danish Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation; Ottilia SAXL, Institute of Nanotechnology (UK); Pieter TELLEMAN, Director of the National Micro and Nanotechnology Research Centre)

6. Press kit

  • Sustainable production: Nanotechnologies lead the way (Commission release)
    PDF file - (size 132 kb) - Text file (15 Kb)
  • Sustainability goals central to European research
    (general backgrounder)
    PDF file - (size 99 kb) - Text file (15 Kb)
  • Sustainable production and nanotechnology opportunities (specific backgrounder)
    PDF file - (size 108 kb) - Text file (15 Kb)
  • Microfluidic analysis offers low-cost solution for water quality monitoring
    (MICROCHEM press release)
    PDF file - (size 82 kb) - Text file (15 Kb)
  • Nanocoatings lighten environmental burden of mobility
    (NANOMAG press release)
    PDF file - (size 84 kb) - Text file (8 Kb)
  • Large-scale network co-ordinates Europe’s nanotechnology research
    (Nanoforum press release)
    PDF file - (size 94 kb) - Text file (6 Kb)
  • EU research activities also to benefit small companies
    (Danish Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry release)
    PDF file - (size 11 kb) - Text file (2 Kb)

7. Background to visits

  • Presentation on Denmark's Microelectronics Center
    Pieter Telleman, Director of MIC
    PDF file - (size 749 kb)
  • Denmark’s Microelectronics Center: a hothouse for innovation
    PDF file - (size 77 kb) - Text file (5 Kb)
  • Details of the visit to Denmark's Microelectronics Center
    PDF file - (size 22 kb) - Text file (5 Kb)
  • Presentation on Danish Institute for Fundamental Metrology
    Kim Carneiro, Director of DFM
    PDF file - (size 191 kb)
  • Measurement at the nano-scale
    PDF file - (size 285 kb) - Text file (5 Kb)

8. Contacts and links

PDF file - (size 64 kb)

9. Additional information

10. Form

Nanotechnology video order form
PDF file - (size 70 kb)

Download the entire package of text and PDF files as a ZIP file
(7.1 Mb).

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