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1. Programme
(EN - PDF file - (size 100 kb))

2. Opening address
Philippe Busquin (EU Research Commissioner)
Speech (EN - PDF file - (size 115 kb))
(FR - PDF file - (size 120 kb))
(NL - PDF file - (size 118 kb))

CV – Commissioner’s website

3. Presentations on clean technologies and recycling processes: state-of-the art EU research projects

  • Towards zero waste in plating industries (TOZELIWA, RTD project)
    Jacques Halut, Protection des Métaux, France
    CV & summary - PDF file - (size 88 kb)
    see presentation in PDF file - (size 306 kb)
  • New products from glassy combustion residues (PROGRES, Thematic Network)
    Maria Janssen, KEMA, The Netherlands
    CV & summary - PDF file - (size 91 kb)
    see presentation in PDF file - (size 663 kb)
  • Eco-efficient life cycle technologies for the electrical, electronics industries (ECOLIFE, Thematic Network)
    Bernd Kopacek, SAT, Austria
    CV & summary - P
    DF file
    - (size 92 kb)
    see presentation in PDF file - (size 734 kb)

4. Press kit

  • Towards a sustainable future for Europe
    (general backgrounder on sustainability)
    PDF file - (size 111 kb)
  • Clean technology provides route to sustainable development
    (clean technologies backgrounder)
    PDF file - (size 88 kb)
  • Effluent-free production to polish environmental performance of plating industry
    (TOZELIWA press release)
    PDF file - (size 87 kb)
  • Out of the ashes: aid for the environment (PROGRES press release)
    PDF file - (size 85 kb)
  • Taking the life-cycle approach to electronic waste management
    (ECOLIFE press release)
    PDF file - (size 85 kb)
  • Real-world future for virtual institute on recycling (VERC press release)
    PDF file - (size 93 kb)
  • SME initiative offers hot prospect for recovery of electronics waste
    (CRAFT project press release)
    PDF file - (size 93 kb)

5. Background to visit

  • Co-combustion process builds solid foundations from industrial waste
    (Scoribel visit note)
    PDF file - (size 81 kb)
  • Co-combustion and co-processing
    J.P. Degré, Vice-Chairman. HOLCIM Group Support
    CV & summary - PDF file - (size 86 kb)

6. Contacts and links
    (PDF file - size 74 kb)

7. Additional information

  • Commission document 2002/122
    Environmental technology for sustainable development
    EN - (PDF file - (size 165 kb))
    FR - (PDF file - (size 188 kb))
  • Growth in Action magazine – Sustainability special issue - PDF file - (size 1.7 kb)
  • 'VERC – Virtual European Recycling Center' (M. Laurrari, Gaiker, Spain)
    Flash application file
    (4.8 Mb - Get the Flash plugin on the Macromedia Website)

8. Journalist information sheet
Download form in PDF file - (size 262 kb)

Conference cover

Download the entire package of text and PDF files as a ZIP file
(3.448 kb).

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