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12 june 2003

  • Art Dexa – exhausting all possible avenues
    Modern diesel engines are in pole position in the carbon emission stakes and offer a feasible path to reducing pollution. However, there’s a snag. They produce other pollutants that are above the levels of upcoming EU regulations. The Art-Dexa project has steered its way around this challenge.

4 June 2003

  • Cleaner engines shared
    Some 40 Growth-funded projects working towards cleaner, lower-emission engines will meet at the annual review of the Premtech II thematic network. Taking place in Thessaloniki, Greece, on 12 and 13 June 2003, the review will also look at proposals to continue work in this field under FP6.
  • Workshop gets results afloat
    Technological progress in floating structures which will enable the oil and gas industry to open new deep water fields will be discussed at a workshop in Paris on 5 June 2003. Organised by FLOATTECH, an FP5 thematic network on technologies for floating structures, the workshop is about sharing proposals with a view to forming consortia.

23 April 2003

  • Car sharing: Don't buy - just drive
    Do we need to own everything we use? One way to get more enjoyment out of moving around is to organise our access to vehicles better. Car sharing - essentially short-term neighbourhood car hire - is the missing link in an intelligent intermodal urban mix involving public transport, taxis, car hire, bicycles and walking.

20 February 2003

  • ONERA celebrates 50 years of wind tunnel research
    On 20 March 2003, ONERA will host the world aerospace community as it celebrates the 50th anniversary of the first wind tunnel tests carried out at its S1MA facility, which boasts the largest sonic wind tunnel in the world. The event will take place in the beautiful setting of Modane in the heart of the French Alps.

4 February 2003

  • Commission welcomes Strategic Rail Research Agenda
    The European Rail Research Advisory Council (ERRAC) presented its comprehensive Strategic Rail Research Agenda (SRRA) to Commissioner Philippe Busquin on 18 December 2002 in Brussels, identifying key scientific and technological priorities for both passenger and freight rail transport over the next 20 years.

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