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Marine technologies

Critical technologies

Three critical technologies have been identified for waterborne transport:

  1. Efficient, safe and environmentally friendly ships and vessels, looking at improved concepts and European approaches for concurrent and multi-site design, engineering or production
  2. Maximising interoperability and vessel performance, looking at port infrastructures, reducing operating costs, improving manoeuvrability of ships in restricted waters and ports and efficient cargo handling and transhipment.
  3. Innovative technologies for monitoring, exploration and sustainable exploitation of the sea, addressing unmanned surveying, in-situ monitoring and industrial operation.

Technology platforms

The technology platforms selected for marine transport are:

  • Competitive shipbuilding
    Research is helping to demonstrate streamlined and seamless vessel development processes and systems, and support advanced production systems which improve customer response, product quality and manufacturing process flexibility and control
  • Safe, efficient and environmentally friendly vessels and platforms
    Efforts are concentrating on:

    - fast vessels for passengers, cars and cargo;
    - deep-sea ships for passengers and unit cargo;
    - deep-sea floating structures for production storage and off-loading of gas;
    - unmanned, autonomous and remotely operated survey vehicles; and
    - new concepts for short-sea operations and polar shipping.
  • Efficient interoperability and transhipment
    Research is focusing on integrating advanced concepts for unitised cargo and for ship types operating in coastal, restricted and limited waters. The strategic aim is to demonstrate concepts for multimodal cargo units and reinforcing intermodal links to ease improve and facilitate cargo flows between inland waterways and the sea.


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