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Land transport (road and rail)

Critical technologies
For road and rail transport modes research will focus on three critical technologies:

  1. Efficient, clean and intelligent vehicle technologies, looking at propulsion, new low-weight material and vehicle concepts, low noise and vibration suppression and improved aerodynamic performance,
  2. Innovative and safe vehicle concepts, with the aim of achieving a 30 to 50% improvement in safety through development of safety-associated vehicle features and technologies.
  3. Human/vehicle interaction, including the development of tools and components for on-board systems to develop safe and friendly environments for drivers and passengers.

Technology platforms

The technology platforms identified for road and rail transport are:

  • Enhanced systems efficiency
    The research aims to integrate and prototype environmentally-friendly vehicle technologies which operate efficiently with reduced gas and noise emissions.
  • Enhanced design and manufacturing for road vehicles
    Research effort will focus on the integration and prototyping of tools, methods, systems, structures and organisational aspects for the supply of high quality, low cost vehicles.
  • Sustainable and modular train
    The aim is to develop and prototype new technological concepts and relevant systems for a new generation of railway vehicles which are both more environmentally-friendly and cost and operationally efficient.


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