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Complete information about how to participate in the Growth Programme is available from CORDIS, the European Commissions' on-line Community Research & Development Information Service at

  Taking part

Who can participate?
The programme is open to all legal entities established in the Member States of the European Union including individuals, industrial and commercial firms, SMEs, universities, research organisations. It is also open to all legal entities established in any of the other States associated with the programme.


Types of action covered
The Growth Programme is implemented through the following types of action:
R&D, demonstration and combined projects;
Co-ordination activities (thematic networks & concerted actions);
SME specific measures (exploratory awards & co-operative research projects);
Accompanying measures;
Marie Curie Fellowships (industry host fellowships & experienced researcher fellowships);
INCO bursaries.

Calls for proposals
To take part in the Growth Programme you must answer a call for proposals of which there are three different types:

1. Periodic Calls: these have fixed deadline dates and invite the submission for shared-cost research, demonstration and combined projects and co-ordination activities.
2. Open Calls: these were published on 16 March 1999 and remain open until the last year of the Framework Programme. They cover accompanying measures and expressions of interest for the needs of research.
3. Dedicated calls: these are published once or twice a year and are restricted to a number of specific topics and/or activities, with supporting documents available to specify in depth the objectives of required activities.

  Finding partners

The Commission's CORDIS server also offers a two-way communications channel where potential participants can submit requests for partners or search for possible partners in projects:

You can also update your details online.


  International access

INCO bursaries are short-term training grants (a maximum of six months) to allow young researchers from developing countries to collaborate in ongoing research projects. More information about these bursaries is available at:



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