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The Competitive and Sustainable Growth (GROWTH) Programme ran from 1998 to 2002 under the Fifth Framework Programme(FP5). Funding for industrial research is now covered by the thematic priorities of the Sixth Framework Programme(FP6) from 2002 to 2006, designed to support the creation of a European Research Area:

  • FP5 Generic Activity 3: Measurements and testing has been distributed through all the thematic priorities of FP6.

The following text was first published in March 2000.

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The measurements and testing activity provides generic support for the Growth Programme as well to other FP5 actions to facilitate implementation of EU policies. The action addresses three socio-economic objectives:

  1. Standardisation - developing and validating measurement and testing methods and producing scientific and technical data needed to define performance, reliability and safety requirements for products and services.
  2. Fighting fraud - developing measurement and testing methods to detect and prevent fraud and to protect the economic interests of enterprises and society as well as the health and safety of citizens.
  3. Improving quality - developing new and better measurement and testing methods to improve the quality of industrial products and services as well as establishing international traceability and equivalencies to help dismantle barriers to international trade.
Measurements and testing - past, present and future

Measurements and testing take centre stage at major European conference
Warsaw conference: Towards an integrated infrastructure for measurements - Warsaw, Poland - 18-19 June 2002
Metropolis – Major measurements and testing network launched
SMEs take the lead in high temperature micromaterial testing
Setting standards for mechanical behaviour at high temperatures
Expressions of interest - the M&T experience
Measuring up in the ERA
Simulating metal forming processes
In good measure
Mastering measurement
Aspiring to higher standards
New website takes the lead in the fight against doping in sport
Straight answers from qualitative chemical analysis
Food Fraud: detecting food law cheats
Cation mass spectrometry: Europe takes a leading role
Something in the water
Food Safety: European projects on display in Gembloux
European research and the fight against crime
The need for Metrology in Nanotechnology
Weighing the evidence
Feature on Metrology in the spotlight at the INERIS conference
Feature on Anti-doping: the fight against performance-enhancing drugs in sport
Using the web against cheaters
Sharper weapon for fighting drugs
New standards for drug testing

Testing the drug testers (Support for Research Infrastructures project)

Feature on Metrology: measurements and testing tools for the future Europe
European Conference on Measurements and Testing
Press release: Implementation agree ment signed with NIST
Strategies against doping in sport
Lasers highlight the cracks in antique art
DNA profiling standards catch offenders

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  Main researchobjectives

Development of new and improved instrumentation and measuring systems, including software, providing improved performance and reliability, intelligent operation and cost efficiency for use in the field or on production lines.

Development and improvement of measurement and testing methods, sampling strategies and databases and production of the scientific and technical data required for the definition of performance, reliability and safety requirements.

Certified Reference Materials (CRMs)
Development of the ability to produce and certify reference materials to be used for identification, calibration and quality control in physical, chemical and biological measurements and testing.


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