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European Aeronautics : A vision for 2020 - Contents
European Aeronautics : A Vision for 2020

The Research Challenges (examples)

Quality & Affordability

Permanent trend

Flexible cabin

Passenger services

Anticipatory maintenance systems

Integrated avionics

ATM related airborne systems

Novel materials and
structural concepts

Lead time reductions

Integrated design
manufacturing and
maintenance systems

Advanced design methods

System validation through modelling and simulation

Concurrent engineering



Flight hazard protection

Advanced avionics

Probability and risk analysis

Computational methods

Human error checking systems



Drag reduction through conventional and novel shapes

Fuel additives

Noise reduction

Propulsion concepts

Emission reduction

Environmentally friendly production, maintenance and disposal

Better aircraft/engine

  European Air Transport System

Innovative ATM
operational concepts

Advanced, intelligent and integrated ATM ground, airborne and space

Rotorcraft integration in ATM systems

High density traffic systems capability in all weather conditions

Airport capacity and advanced management

Increased use of airspace capacity

The Regulatory System

The above agenda is a broad one and does not imply any order of priorities. These will be determined by a dynamic process, partly shaped by time factors and available funds, that is driven by the industry, the research community, the public authorities and society at large.

Research subjects included here should be regarded as examples. Many will affect more than one goal so part of the challenge will be the successful optimisation of the whole research agenda. An integrated approach can provide the basis for satisfying society's needs and ensuring European leadership in this global industry by 2020.

The research agenda must be underpinned by a strong cohesive regulatory system.


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