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European Aeronautics : A vision for 2020 - Contents
European Aeronautics : A Vision for 2020


Securing global leadership


The World's Number 1

In 2020, European aeronautics is the world's number one. Its companies are celebrated brands, renowned for the quality of products that are winning more than 50% shares of world markets for aircraft, engines and equipment. Though coming in all sizes from multinational corporations to small and medium-sized enterprises, their position is built on formidable competitiveness in all areas, from research to design, from product development and support to manufacturing, operation and maintenance.

The front runners in the sector are highly flexible and innovative, drawing technological strength from a rich network of European and global research partnerships. They lead the world in anticipating market developments and in the speed with which they can move a product from the drawing board to delivery to the first customer.

They enjoy the considerable benefits flowing from Europe's fully integrated single market, especially the access to efficient capital markets and the ability to recruit from Europe's pool of well educated and trained professionals.

The public sector plays an invaluable role in this success story. Governments, together with the European Union, are operating joint programmes for the management of the air transport system that range from a single safety authority to a unified approach to airspace management, and a common perspective on airport planning.

Crucially, they are coordinating a highly effective European framework for research cooperation, while funding programmes that put the industry on more equal terms with its main rivals.



For the European aeronautics industry

A new framework that permits and encourages companies to work together more effectively in setting and achieving their industrial priorities. This will strengthen competitiveness and improve responses to changing market conditions.

Achieve new standards of quality and effectiveness so that Europe has at its disposal the most competitive research system in the world.

Make more determined efforts to match the synergies between civil and military research achieved by competitors, despite differences of political structure.

Halve the "time to market" for new products with the help of advanced electronic analytical, design, manufacturing and maintenance tools, methods and processes.


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