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European Aeronautics has succeeded in establishing itself as the main competitor to the United States and needs to maintain this position. More...

A Position Paper produced by the External Advisory Group for Aeronautics
Recommendations to the European Commission - April 2000

It has been produced by the External Advisory Group for Aeronautics set up in December 1998 to advise the European Commission and is entirely the responsibility of the External Advisory Group Members and is not represented as reflecting the views of the European Commission or of any national government. The Site has benefited from the advice and views of many groups and individuals across the aeronautics industry.

Members of the External Advisory Group
Mr Ulf Olsson (Chairman)
Mr Angel-Luis Arias
(Vice Chairman)
Prof. Fred Abbink
Mr Mike Goulette
Mr Kurt Jensen
Mr Jim Lawler
Mr Eros Lojacono
Mr François Lureau
Mrs Utimia Madaleno
Mr Peter Malanik
Mr Claude Nyssen
Prof. Kyriacos Papailiou
Prof. Aviv Rosen
Dr Joachim Szodruch
Mr Jean-Marc Thomas
Mr Trevor Truman
Prof. Volker von Tein

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