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6. European Aeronautics for the 2020s -
The Advisory Group Vision

Two Great Prizes to win: A great air transport system and huge economic gains.









Demand for air travel increases rapidly - world-wide by about 5% annually. Between 2000 and 2020 more than 14,000 large new airliners, worth over E1,000 billion, will have been delivered to create a world fleet of 20,000 airliners after old types are withdrawn.

About 40% of worldwide air travel has a European arrival or departure point.

For Europe these expectations are both a huge opportunity and a tremendous challenge.

All of Europe has huge opportunities to benefit from air transport and the aeronautics industry. These benefits are not only for those involved in it directly but for all of its citizens, in every nation or region, creating business prosperity, social exchange and cohesion, jobs, and technology.

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