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6. European Aeronautics for the 2020s -
The Advisory Group Vision










6.2 A New Partnership

This new partnership envisages a wider consultation at the much earlier research stage. This will create a shared view of the future and ensure that Research & Technology Development programmes are focused on stakeholder needs.

It will create a shared view of the needs of the whole air transport system. This will allow complementary, and conflicting, needs to be considered together. For example, consider the way in which new aircraft will fit to new airports; how new aircraft capabilities can be matched to new operating procedures to deliver environmental improvements; how congestion will be relieved by new aircraft capabilities that work in a new air traffic control regime.

More than 30% of European public investment in civil aeronautics research & technology is funded by the EU. Participation by national governments in the strategic approach is also essential. National governments also have programmes, firms have their own programmes of investment. All have an interest in making sure that what we are doing today will deliver the air transport system that we need - and do so cost-effectively. In the final analysis each stakeholder group must remain responsible for their own contributions to our future. None will accept that this responsibility can be diluted, none will wish to be subservient to the control of others. But all may gain from being able to share a view of the future which will allow them to play their role more effectively.

This new shared and open understanding will present many opportunities for those nations with more modest aeronautics capabilities and for SMEs by giving visibility to the directions of future development and providing signposts for the areas of interest and relevance.

This paper proposes that the air transport system can be looked at in a unified way. We do not recommend that this be combined with a consideration for land transport, or of space applications except insofar as these have a direct effect on the air transport system and the effectiveness of passenger and freight movement by air.

The Advisory Group has considered the defence dimension. It is an area of unique sensitivity. The Advisory Group does not recommend a complete fusion of civil and defence considerations on the grounds that progress would not be encouraged but hampered thereby.
Nevertheless we recognise that many technologies in aeronautics are of a dual nature and it is beneficial that this should continue to be encouraged and facilitated by the policies and mechanisms that are put in place in both areas.

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