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5. The Challenges for Research & Technology










5.2 Creating Competitive Products for Global Markets

To create aircraft systems that will deliver a new generation of benefits to society and to their operators around the world will mean a sustained evolution of design. New aircraft, engines and equipment using new innovative construction technologies must be ready for world markets.

Winning will mean staying in the forefront of design - able to use old and new technologies in new ways. Responding to the leadership of others cannot achieve it.

Creating competitive products that will win in the fiercely competitive markets of tomorrow is not just about design concepts. It will require that these products are designed and built to the performance standards required and competitive both in purchase price and in operating costs.

This manufacturing system, exploiting the capabilities of all the regions of Europe, must be optimised - not to restrict the activities of any region or company, but to ensure that overall air transport needs are met in the most efficient and cost effective way.

Europe needs to be able to manufacture these products. If we cannot do so, or do so inefficiently, we shall spend large amounts of money buying them from abroad, particularly from the USA.

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