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1. Europe in a Changing World

The world is changing
rapidly in many ways …








European strategies for change are needed that meet new needs and exploit new opportunities.


A world of change
We live in a rapidly and extensively changing world. In every direction we see the power of change in business, lifestyle, communications, and politics.

Markets that were until recently local have become global. Even small suppliers now serve the needs of customers around the world. No longer is it assumed that the nationality of the customer, the means of delivery, the supplier and the manufacturer will be the same. Many of the goods we buy are made, grown, designed or managed in a variety of regions.

Population, especially in the less developed world, continues to increase quickly. More people in more countries depend upon resources from outside their own region. More pressure is being placed on the natural environment.

The Information Revolution is transforming business everywhere. New business models are being created, new routes to market, new ways of delivering value to customers which are independent of location.

Rather than decreasing demand these changes sustain a strong growth in air travel. Fares have been reduced and more people travel. Market demands have caused a third of all freight by value to be carried by air - reaching new markets faster.

Around the world awareness of the natural environment and the need to protect it grows steadily. Although aviation makes only a small impact on the environment, concerted action will be necessary to offset the effects of a growing market.

European experience
Europe is being transformed. The unification of Germany and the return of the former Eastern Bloc states to a European identity will create a greatly enlarged Europe and further needs for mobility.

Industry and commerce in Europe is in rapid development and restructuring, involving also the aeronautical industry. The consolidation of large corporations and the globalisation of their operations will have major effects on the patterns of European business.

Internal European travel is already extensive but forecast to grow rapidly. New investment in both land and air transport systems is an imperative. These infrastructure changes will be made in the European context of different cultures and languages, different political systems and within a diverse set of priorities and mechanisms.

Facing up to change
These extensive and rapid changes demand that for a sector like aeronautics there should be a strategy which responds to new needs and drives the changes. New technology will be needed, as will the means to apply it successfully and competitively to market and social needs. The priorities for change must be shared and used to influence the pattern of European development.

This site addresses these issues for European aeronautics and especially for aircraft technology.

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