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Diary note

Aeronautics is a key sector in the development and application of advanced technologies in Europe. The Aeronautics Days, organised by the European Commission this time in Hamburg, were aimed at reflecting the state of play in aeronautics and discussing perspectives for the future.

The three-day programme included:

  • Plenary sessions, technical presentations and special media activities on "The 2020 vision for aeronautics" as well as on key issues such as future-oriented aircraft construction and security, air traffic management, competitiveness at international level and protection of the environment.
  • A comprehensive view of the achievements and activities of collaborative aeronautical Research and Technology Development under the European Union's Fifth Framework Programme for Research and Technology, as well as information on further national and international research activities in Europe. Special initiatives on the support to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Europe (SMEs).
  • A unique forum for researchers, engineers, managers, government officials and journalists from all over Europe to discuss the future roadmap for aeronautics at European level in line with the concept of the European Research Area.
  • Interview opportunities with key EU and national government representatives, as well as personalities from the res earch and industry sector.
  • An exhibition on advanced research and technology projects in European aeronautics.
  • Visualisation of aeronautics key activities in the Hamburg area
    (four optional excursions to Airbus, Lufthansa Technics and the Hamburg airport).


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