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Abstracts - Facts and figures from conference presenters
Monday, 29th January 2001
Tuesday, 30th January 2001
Wednesday, 31st January 2001
SME Forum

Monday, 29th January 2001

Opening Ceremony and Plenary Session I

Welcome Addresses
Chairperson: Philippe Busquin, Commissioner for Research

  • Thomas Östros, Chairman of the Research Council and Minister of Education and Science of Sweden
  • Werner Müller, Minister of Economics and Technology of the Federal Republic of Germany
  • Thomas Mirow, State Minister for Economic Affairs of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg

Keynote Session
"The Future of European Aeronautics: A 2020 Vision for Research and Technological Development"

Chairperson: Thomas Östros, Chairman of the Research Council and Minister of Education and Science of Sweden

Opening Plenary Session

Chairperson: Sir Richard Evans, CEO of BAE SYSTEMS

  • Rainer Hertrich, CEO of EADS and Chairman of AECMA (European Aerospace Industry Association)
  • Jean-Pierre Rabault, Chairman of ONERA and Chairman of EREA (Association of European Research Establishments in Aeronautics)
  • Victor Aguado, Director-General of EUROCONTROL


Parallel Session 1
Production Cost and Time to Market Aircraft Efficiency II Impact to Environment Aircraft Operations and Safety Avionics SME Forum

Session A.1

Concurrent Engineering / Integrated Design

F. Zappala, AECMA

Overview speech :
The multi-site extended enterprise concept in the aeronautical industry
T. Pardessus, EADS Airbus Toulouse

Concurrent engineering in aeronautics: objectives and overview of the ENHANCE project
H. Braudel
, EADS Airbus Toulouse

ENHANCE technical programme and first results
M. Nicot and J.C. Dunyach EADS Airbus Toulouse

Concurrent Engineering in Practice for small and medium enterprises
B. Lisanti
, CE Consulting

Session B.1

Drag Reduction

S. Laine, Helsinki Techn. Univ.

Overview speech:
Aircraft drag reduction as an answer to the global challenges

J. Szodruch, EADS Airbus Hamburg

AEROMEMS : an investigation into the viability of MEMS technology for boundary layer control on aircraft

Overview of laminar flow projects
G. Schrauf, EADS Airbus Bremen

Manufacturing aspects of hybrid laminar flow
B. Humphreys, AS&T

Session C.1

Understanding the Atmospheric Effects of Aircraft

Ms C. Maeder, Federal Environment Agency

European research on atmospheric effects of aviation and the CORSAIRE cluster
G. Amanatidis, European Commission, DG RTD

MOZAIC programme: results and prospects
A. Marenco, Univ. Toulouse

Aircraft emissions contribution of different climate components to changes in radiative forcing-tradeoff to reduce atmospheric impact
I. Isaksen, Univ. Oslo

Interhemispheric differences in cirrus properties from anthropogenic emissions
U. Schumann, DLR

Session D.1

Safe and Optimised Aircraft Operations

J.J. Thibert, ONERA

Overview speech:
The pilots'view on wake vortices - capacity v.s safety

European wake vortex research activities: the role of the European Community for the aircraft industry
K. Hünecke, EADS Airbus Bremen

S-Wake Project: an assessment of wake vortex safety aspects
A. de Bruin, NLR

A major step towards on-board wake vortex detection
Ms. C. Bruel, THALES

Session E.1

Integrated Modular Avionics

A. Pais, Skysoft

Overview speech:
Stressing the importance of integrated modular avionics
J-P. Daniel, EADS Airbus Toulouse

Open integrated avionics for European air transport aircraft
P.Palmer, EADS Airbus

Preparing and selecting concepts and technologies for new generation aircraft
- the PAMELA Project

Ms. M. Frost, Smiths Industry

VICTORIA, towards a new generation of aircraft electronic systems
J. Huysseune, THALES

Session F.1

SMEs and the Aeronautics Supply Chain

H. von Paulgerg, AUTOFLUG Chairman of AECMA SME Group

Overview speech:
The changing supply chain in Aeronautics
R.J. Ahlers, ASG

The impact of global consolidation on the European Supply Chain and the experience of the Lean Manufacturing Initiative in the UK
M. Hesford, SBAC

The Aeronautics supply chain - a view from a prime manufacturer
D. Reimers, EADS Airbus Hamburg

The Basque aeronautic cluster experience: the relation between SMEs and large companies
J.P. Vela, CTA

International Forum
Session G.1

The GARTEUR R&TD Programme

Ms D. Nouailhas, ONERA

GARTEUR Aerodynamics: Fundamental research complementing
EU programmes

B. Williams, DERA

Innovations in structures and materials
K. Rohwer, DLR

GARTEUR collaborative research for helicopters and tilt rotor aircrafts
B. Gmelin, DLR

Flight Mechanics systems and integration: present and future of collaborative research within GARTEUR
F. Muñoz Sanz, INTA

Parallel Session 2
Production Cost and Time to Market International Forum Impact to Environment I Aircraft Operations and Safety Aircraft Efficiency IV SME Forum
Session A.2

Advanced Design and Measurement Methods for Industrial Needs

M. Maggiore,

Overview speech:
State-of-the-art and future prospects of non-intrusive measurement techniques for aerodynamics design
J. Kompenhans, DLR

Particle image velocimetry: a breakthrough in experimental aerodynamics for industry
M. Stanislas, CNRS Lille

The European Transonic Wind Tunnel (ETW) testing at cryogenic conditions to simulate true flight behaviour
J. Quest, European Transonic Windtunnel

Simulation methodology for high velocity impact in composite aircraft structures
A. Johnson, DLR

Session B.2

Overview of the National R&TD Programme (France)

Overview of the National R&TD Programmes France

H. Moraillon,
Direction der Programmes Aeronautiques Civils

Research activities on aircraft aerodynamic noise
D. Ollinger, EADS Airbus

Research & Technology in the helicopter industry : transition from national to binational status
M. Polychroniadis, Eurocopter France

Methods, design tools and evaluation of a Man-Machine interface for a ground collision avoidance system
L. Meunier, THALES Avionics

Session C.2

Mitigating the Atmospheric Effects of Aircraft Emissions

Ms. H. Rogers, Univ.Cambridge

The European thematic network on aircraft emissions and reduction technologies
W. Dewes, DLR

Impact of fuel formulation on the emissions from aircraft engines - possible contributions from new fuels
M. Farmery, Shell

Airport local air quality and global aircraft emission inventories
E. Fleuti, Zürich Airport
R. Gardner, DERA

Complex investigations of possibilities of reduction of aviation influence on environment and its utilization for ecological monitoring - the ISTC project
V. Trifonovich Dedesh, S. Boris, MM Gromov Flight Research Institute Moscow

Session D.2

Protection against External Hazard

E. Lojacono, Alenia

Overview speech:
Aircraft hazards
J. Mandle, THALES

Electromagnetic hazards to aircraft - the CATE and EM-HAZ projects
J. Gustafsson, Saab Ericsson

FULMEN: a European project for upgraded lightning protection requirements in the aeronautical field
F. Uhlig, EADS CCR

On the problem of icing for modern civil aircraft
A. Amendola, CIRA

Improved methodological & technical approach to external hazards safety issues in the aerospace industry - the EXTHAZ network
F. Uhlig, EADS CCR

Session E.2

Supporting technologies for future Integrated Modular Avionics

H. Peik, Airbus Industrie

An IMA Generic scaleable computing architecture - the GASCA project
P.J. Lecoeur, THALES

Affordable digital fly-by-wire flight control system for small commercial aircraft - the ADFCS project
M. Attar, Israel Aircraft Industry

Cooling of high dissipative electronic packages via external heat pipes and development of 3D modular packages with integrated pipes
C. Sarno, THALES
A.M. Hynninen, Nokia

Development of a new efficient and economical wiring concept - the EECS Project
J.L. Ballenghien, EADS Toulouse

Robust and efficient autopilot control law design demonstrating the use of modern robust control design methodologies in the autoland system design process - the REAL Project
W.F. Rouwhorst, NLR

Session F.2

EU Aeronautics Research - Opportunities for SMEs

R. Mona, Secundo Mona

Overview speech:
R&DT - a base for business perspectives of SMEs

J. Lawler, Aeronautics EAG

Experience of an Irish SME in the EU Aeronautics Programme
B. O'Reilly, ESIL

European Commission funded research projects: opportunities for SMEs
J. P. Lentz, K. Koegler, European Commission, DG Research

The AeroSME project: a tool for SMEs
B. Morris, AECMA

Recipe for SMEs technology acquisition: the SCRATCH project, pitfalls, tricks, success
J.L. Bonafé, EuroInter


Monday, 29th January 2001
Tuesday, 30th January 2001
Wednesday, 31st January 2001
SME Forum

Tuesday, 30th January 2001


Parallel Session 3
Production Cost and Time to Market Aircraft Efficiency II Aircraft Efficiency III Air Traffic Management Aircraft Efficiency IV International Forum
Session A.3

Advanced Aircraft Production

D. Blondeel, SABCA

Process efficient regulation for economical composite technologies
P. Lefebure, Dassault

Flank milling optimization
C. Gey, IFW

Numerical simulation to achieve high precision moulding of advanced reinforced composites
W. Marsden, FEA

Welding of airframes by friction stir
S. Williams, BAE SYSTEMS

Session B.3

Advanced Aircraft Configurations

P. Fichtmüller, AECMA

Overview speech:
Challenges for unconventional transport aircraft configurations
D. Schmitt, TU Munich

European high-lift system design methodology for SCT
U. Herrmann, DLR

A European distributed multi-disciplinary design and optimisation system
A. Morris, Cranfield Univ.

Hydrogen fuelled aircraft status and challenges
H. Klug, EADS Airbus Hamburg

Session C.3

More Efficient Turbomachinery Components (I)

J.C. Corral, ITP

The turbomachinery design tools cluster of TRA-EEFA network
S. Servaty, MTU

Turbine aero-thermal external flows
J.M. Duboué, Snecma Moteurs

Turbulence modelling for unsteady flows in axial turbines
C. Sieverding, Von Karman Institute

Experimental and numerical investigations of the performance of gas turbine internal cooling air systems
P. Smout, Rolls-Royce

Session D.3

Improved Air Traffic Management System Capacity for Europe (I)

J.M. Garot, Eurocontrol

TORCH : from strategic planning to real time optimisation
N. Suarez, Isdefe
M. Poppe, DFS
N. Making, Eurocontrol

A validation platform for testing new ATM/CNS concepts. A building block of a European air traffic management system
J. Moyaux, Sofreavia

Setting the ATM/CNS standards
P. Potocki, Airbus Industrie

Realising the concept of a more autonomous aircraft

Session E.3

The Passenger Friendly Cabin

R. Smyth, EADS Airbus Hamburg

Low cost optical avionics data network
N. Brownjohn, BAE SYSTEMS Filton

Advanced network architecture for in-flight cabin system - the ANAIS project

Aircraft service logistics - The ASL project
Andreas Baatz, EADS Airbus Hamburg

Air management simulation for aircraft cabins
P. Hermel, Liebherr Aerospace

Innovative approach to improving air quality in aircraft cabins
E. Perera, BES Garston

Session F.3

Overview on the National R&TD Programmes
(United Kingdom)

D. Way, Dpt of Trade and Industry

The UK Civil Aircraft Research and Technology Demonstration Programme (CARAD)
R. Kingcombe, CARAD Programme, DTI

Delivering solutions for the 21st Century
C. Weir, TRW Aeronautical Systems

Advances in Airbus Wing Technology
P. Chivers, BAE SYSTEMS Airbus

Competitive Large Turbofan Engines
N. Peacock, Rolls-Royce, Derby

Aircraft Efficiency III
Session G.3

Advanced Materials for Efficient Aero-Engines

P. Guillaume, Techspace-Aero

The advanced materials cluster of TRA-EEFA
Ms. B. Bittar, Rolls-Royce

Processing and mechanical property studies of orthorhombic titanium aluminide based alloys
A. Partridge, DERA

High insulation thermal barrier coating systems
B. Saint-Ramond, Snecma Moteurs

Advanced abradables and tip coatings for gas turbines
F. Crabos, Turbomeca

Plenary Session II

Addressing the Demand of the Society

Chairperson: H.J. Allgeier

  • The Current International Process for Regulation of Aircraft Emissions
    Ms. Elizabeth L. Duthie, Department of Environment & Transport of the Regions, UK
  • Towards a New Level of Safety
    John Lumsden, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of JAA
  • The Contribution of Aeronautics to Europe's Future - the View of the Citizens
    Alexander Radwan, MEP

Parallel Session 4
Aircraft Efficiency I Aircraft Efficiency II Impact to Environment I Air Traffic Management Impact to Environment II International Forum
Session A.4

Structural Concepts (I)

M. Morell, EADS CASA

Overview speech :
The challenge of reducing both airframe weight and manufacturing cost
J. Hinrichsen, Airbus Industrie

A first step towards the future composite fuselages
B. Beral, EADS Airbus Toulouse

Advanced concepts for primary metallic structures
A. Apicella, Alenia

Efficient design and certification of advanced composite structures
T. Ireman, SAAB

Session B.4

Advanced Numerical Methods for More Reliable Design

K. D. Papailiou, NTUA Athens

Unsteady aerodynamics including fluid/structure interactions
W. Haase, EADS Munich

Industrial demonstration of advanced algorithms for aerodynamic simulation on unstructured grids
H. Dekoninck, Von Karman Institute

A European initiative for large eddy simulations around a high-lift airfoil
L. Davidson, Chalmers Univ.

Multi-point aerodynamic shape optimisation
V. Selmin, Alenia

Session C.4

Mitigating the Atmospheric Effects of Aircraft Emissions (II)

Ms. B. Blasch, BMVIT, Austria

The targeted research action on efficient and environmentally friendly aircraft propulsion - The TRA-EEFA Network
N. Pickard, Rolls-Royce

The efficient and environmentally friendly aero-engine propulsion technologies for the next generation of transport aircraft
G. Wells, Rolls-Royce

Definition of a cruise/climb emission parameter, aircraft productivity and trade-off between CO2 and NOx reduction - The NEPAIR Project
K. Renger, Airbus Industrie,
D. Lister, DERA

Market based measures - a need for action on taxes, charges or emissions trading
M. Rossell, European Commission, DG TREN

Session D.4

Improved Air Traffic Management System Capacity for Europe (II)

P. Hogge, IATA

Gate to Gate 2005 - A validation of the ATM concept to prove its benefits and feasibility
F. Montoya, AIRSYS ATM

Emerging technologies and opportunities for ATM
- the EMERTA project

B. Booth, DERA

Surveillance in the next century ADS-B and the NEAN update programme - NUP
N. Gustavsson, SCAA

Session E.4

Reduction of Aircraft External Noise (I)

I.U. Borchers, Dornier

Overview speech:
MAGENTA: assessments of future aircraft noise policy options
J. Ollerhead, CAA

Reduction of engine source noise through understanding and novel design
B. Tester, Rolls-Royce

Reduction of Aircraft Noise by Nacelle Treatment and Active Control
H. Batard, EADS Airbus Toulouse

Research studies of aircraft aerodynamic noise and installation effects
H. Remy,EADS Airbus Toulouse
L.C. Chow,BAE SYSTEMS Airbus

Session F.4

Overview on the National R&TD Programmes

W. Günther, Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology

Overview speech:
The German civil Aeronautics Programme
J.P. Bandel, Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology

The German Airbus technology programme and research network
J. Szodruch, EADS Airbus, Hamburg

The R&TD projects of the German aeroengine industry
K. Broichhausen, MTU Munich

The German equipment industry - competitiveness through innovation
Th. Melzer, BDLI

Aircraft Efficiency III
Session G.4

Safety Precaution in Design of Aero-engines

F. Cannici, Fiat Avio

Overview speech:
Engine Safety - a continuous global challenge
N. Peacock, Chairman Engine IMG

Development of a lifing methodology for ceramic matrix composites in aero-engines
P. Bonnel, European Commission, JRC Petten

Developments in the modelling of aircraft engine dynamics - the CERES project
B. Staples, Rolls-Royce

The OPSURCOM and RAMGT programmes - two engineer's tools for the development of optimum component surface conditions and robust aerofoils in modern gas turbines
F. Vogel, Turbomeca

Parallel Session 5
Aircraft Efficiency I Aircraft Efficiency II Impact to Environment I Air Traffic Management Impact to Environment II International Forum
Session A.5

Structural Concepts (II)

S. Pantelakis, University of Patras

BOJCAS: Bolted joints in composite aircraft structures
M. McCarthy, Univ. Limerick

Next generation of light-weight fuselage structures
- Postbuckling simulation of fibre composite shells

R. Zimmermann, DLR

Fast and reliable development of composite structures using concurrent/Integrated engineering
R. Rolfes, DLR

Session B.5

Propulsion Integration

W. Burgsmüller, European Transonic Windtunnel

Overview speech:
Recent progress on engine/
airframe integration on airbus

A. Hurez, EADS Airbus Toulouse

Engine integration on future aircraft - the European research programme ENIFAIR
C. Rossow, DLR

AIRDATA: CFD-based drag analysis for engine/airframe integration
M. Laban, NLR

Aerodynamic and acoustic integration of high speed propeller on aircraft : the latest investigations in European wind tunnels
E. Maury, EADS Airbus Toulouse

Session C.5

Combustion Stability and Combustor - CFD

U. Hessler, Rolls-Royce, Deutschland

The low emission combustor technology cluster of the European funded TRA-EEFA network
D. Bouvier, Snecma Moteurs

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for Combustion
S. Hohmann, MTU

Low emission system simulation
C. Dopazo, Univ. Zaragoza

Active control of instabilities in combustion chambers
Ms A. Dowling, Cambridge Univ.

Session D.5

Efficient Airports in Rising Air Traffic Congestion

P. d'Aloia, ENAV

The current research projects on airport surface movement guidance and control systems
K. Klein, DLR

Optimisation platform for airports, including land-side
M. van Eenige, NLR

LEONARDO: integration of airport traffic management tools - towards the integration of on-ground arrival and departure operations
J.M. De Pablo, AENA

Session E.5

Reduction of Aircraft External Noise(II )

P. Göranson, FOI

Development and validation of numerical methods for duct acoustics with the DUCAT project
E. Rademaker, NLR

CFD applied to turbomachinery noise
B. Tester, Rolls-Royce

Developing environmentally friendly airport operations
R.J de Muynck, NLR
L.J.J. Erkelens, NLR

Session F.5

Overview on the National R&TD Programmes
(Italy, Spain, and Sweden)

J. Wild

The civil aeronautics research activities of Italy
S. Vetrella, CIRA

The Spanish national research plan for aeronautics
A. Gonzalez, Ministry of Science and Technology

Cases of industrial application of the Spanish technological programme
M. de Castro, EADS Airbus Spain

Swedish National R&TD in Aeronautics
G. Langemar/
, Defence Material Administration

Aircraft Operations and Safety
Session G.5

Human Factor Considerations in Design

A. de Graaf, NLR

Designing new human machine interfaces with up-to-date human factors methodology
D. Ferro, EADS Airbus Toulouse

Measurement of situation awareness on the civil flight deck
B. Hilburn, NLR

Digital network concept for a new cockpit overhead panel
H. Grimauld, NEC


Parallel Session 6
Aircraft Efficiency I Aircraft Efficiency II Impact to Environment I Air Traffic Management Aircraft Operations and Safety International Forum
Session A.6

Smart Structures

C. Voto, Alenia

Overview speech:
Adaptive technologies for future civil transport aircraft
R. Henke, EADS Airbus Bremen

Smart structures applications in aeronautics
E. Breitbach, DLR

Damage assessment in smart composite structures
B. Culshaw, Strathclyde Univ.

Fibre optics ice detection for rotor blades of helicopters
A. Ikiades,
Ms. M. Kostandaki, FORTH

Session B.6

Improving Rotorcraft Efficiency

A. Vincent, GKN Westland

Efficient and safe procedures for critical trajectories of rotorcraft
C. Serr, Eurocopter France

A major step for European knowledge in tilt-rotor aeromechanics and flight dynamics
P. Rollet, Eurocopter France

Code networking for multidisciplinary simulations for rotor phenomena
A. Pagano, CIRA

Improved experimental and theoretical tools for helicopter aeromechanics and aero-acoustic interactions
V. Klöppel, Eurocopter Deutschland

Session C.6

Low Pollution R&TD Projects at European Level

C. Mota Soares, IST Lisbon

Overview speech:
The European funded programmes on low NOx emission combustor technology
D. Bouvier, Snecma

New cycles and emission studies - the CYPRESS Project
A. Doepelheuer, DLR
J. Tilston, DERA

Measurement and predictions of the emission of aerosols and gaseous precursors from gas turbines
C. Wilson, DERA

Internal cooling of turbine blades and heat transfer
H.P. Schiffer, Rolls-Royce Deutschland

Session D.6

Results from the R&TD Programme of Eurocontrol

C. Pusch, Eurocontrol

R&D co-ordination under the Eurocontrol ATM 2000 and strategy
J.L Marchand, Eurocontrol

Quantification of the safety, capacity, efficiency and environmental impact of simulated air traffic management systems
- The Eurocontrol Integra project

A. Vink, Eurocontrol

Limited delegation of separation assurance responsibility from ground to the cockpit
E. Hoffman, Eurocontrol

ASMT - The automatic safety monitoring tool
T. Joyce, Eurocontrol

Session E.6

Safe Maintenance

L. Sisk, Aerlingus

Composite repair of metallic structures for ageing commercial aircraft
Ms. Marioli-Riga, Hellenic Aerospace Industry

Human factors in aircraft maintenance: an integrated system approach - The ADAMS Project
N. McDonald, Trinity College

Development of an aviation risk assessment model that allows cost benefit analysis of safety measures
A.L.C. Roelen, NLR

Session F.6

Overview on the National R&TD Activities - (Czech Republic and Israel)

B. Dziomba, DAC

The Association of the aviation manufacturers of the Czech Republic - possible contributions of the Czech aircraft industry
M. Holl, ALV - Czech association of aviation manufacturers

The aeronautics R&TD activities in Israel
D. Harari, Israel Aircraft Industries



Monday, 29th January 2001
Tuesday, 30th January 2001
Wednesday, 31st January 2001
SME Forum

Wednesday, 31st January 2001

Parallel Session 7
Aircraft Efficiency I Aircraft Efficiency II Aircraft Efficiency IV International Forum Aircraft Operations and Safety International Forum
Session A.7

Integration of Advanced Airframe Structures

A. Nathan, IAI

The TANGO project: Overview of the technology platform for large wing and fuselage structures
M. Vincendon, Airbus Industrie

The wing platform of TANGO
Ms. J. Mitchel, BAE SYSTEMS Airbus

The fuselage platform of TANGO
H.J. Schmidt
, EADS Airbus

Fully integrated composite fuselage structure for small civil aircraft - the FUBACOMP project
P. Vautey, Dassault Aviation

Session B.7

Advanced Aerodynamic Simulation and Industrial Application


High Reynolds number tools and techniques for civil aircraft design

Fully automatic system for 3D flow simulation
J.W. Van der Burg, NLR

High-lift aerodynamics for transport aircraft
P. Thiede, EADS Airbus Bremen

Viscous flow simulation tools
E. Elsholz, EADS Airbus Bremen

Session C.7

on-board Systems

A. Suppi, Microtecnica

Overview speech:
Advanced Architectures for On-Board Systems to Save Energy and Reduce Time-to-Market.
A. Suppi, Microtecnica

Overview on Airbus fly-by-wire status
D. Briere, EADS Airbus Toulouse

Electrically powered actuators for flight control surfaces - the ELISA Project
J. Montero Yanez, EADS-CASA

Magnetostrictive actuation - a new key technology in aeronautics goals of the MESA project
C. May, Saarland Univ.

Braking systems: towards modular architectures and smart modules - the SAMBA Project
Ms L. Girault, Ms V. Dalbin, Messier Bugatti

Session D.7

Cooperation with Eastern Europe on Aeronautics Research

D. Vassaux, INTAS
Ms A.M. Dalgaard, ISTC Moscow

EU international cooperation, INTAS and ISTC funded activities in the field of aeronautics
A.M. Dalgaard, ISTC
D. Vassaux, INTAS

Cryogenic tank technology for future aircraft using alternative fuels
H.W. Pohl, EADS Airbus

Flight safety, aircraft vortex wake and airport operation capacity
V.V. Vyshinsky, TsAGI Moscow

Novel computational technologies for elasticity creep numerical simulation
A. Tolstykh, CCAS

Session E.7

Risk Evaluation and Accident Survivability

R.Ablett, CAA

New fire/smoke detection and fire extinguishing systems for aircraft applications
K. Kallergis, EADS Airbus Bremen

Finite element methodologies development to simulate the behaviour of composite fuselage structures and correlation with drop tests
M. AI-Khalil, BAE SYSTEMS Airbus

Helicopter occupant safety
U. Hessmer, Autoflug GmbH

Crashworthiness of helicopter on water : design of structures using advanced simulation tools
R. Vignjevic, Cranfield University

Session F.7

Overview on the National R&TD Programmes
(Austria, Greece and The Netherlands)

D. Carroll, Enterprise Ireland

Aeronautics initiative of smaller EU Member States - the example of Austria
B. Blasch, Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology,

F. Hrachowitz, Austrian Aeronautics Industries Group

Aeronautics activities in Greece and related R&TD stimulation
Th. Spathopoulos, Hellenic Aerospace Industry

Civil aeronautics research in the Netherlands
H. Leeuwen, NIVR

Closing Plenary Session

Competitiveness on a Global Market

  • Airline requirements in a liberalised global transport market
    Fausto Cereti, Alitalia Chairman, Association of European Airlines
  • Working title: The Airbus A380 Programme - the big task of Europe's Aerospace Industry
    Jürgen Thomas, Member of the Airbus Executive Committee
  • The long-term vision on aeronautics technologies
    - a view of an aeronautics research centre
    Walter Kröll, Chairman of DLR
  • The long-term vision for aeronautics
    Arne Wittlöv, Chairman Volvo Aero and Swedish Foresight Committee


Monday, 29th January 2001
Tuesday, 30th January 2001
Wednesday, 31st January 2001
SME Forum

SME Forum




Monday, 29th January 2001

The SME Forum will offer an opportunity for SMEs in meeting aeronautics key players. On the first day two parallel sessions will be dedicated to role of SME in aeronautics, on the following days R&TD meetings and brokerage events will be organised with the major aeronautics companies, the main research centres and institutes.

  Opening Ceremony and Plenary Session I
  Exhibition opening
  SMEs and the Aeronautics Supply Chain

Parallel Session F.1

Chairperson: M. von Paulgerg

  • The changing supply chain in Aeronautics
    R.J. Ahlers, ASG
  • The impact of global consolidation on the European supply chain and the experience of the Lean Manufacturing Initiative in the UK
    M. Hesford, SBAC
  • The Aeronautics supply chain - a view from a prime manufacturer
    D. Reimers, EADS Airbus Hamburg, IMG
  • The Basque Aeronautic Cluster experience: the relation between SMEs and large companies
    J. P. Vela, CTA
  EU aeronautic research: RTD opportunities for SMEs

Parallel Session F.2

Chairperson: R. Mona

  • Overview speech on:
    RTD - a basis for business perspectives of SMEs
    J. Lawler Aeronautics EAG
  • Experience of an Irish SME in the EU Aeronautics Programme
    B. O'Reilly, ESIL
  • EC funded research projects: opportunities for SMEs
    K. Koegler, European Commission DG Research SME
    J.P. Lentz, European Commission DG Research Aeronautics
  • The AeroSME project : a tool for SMEs
    B. Morris, AECMA
  • Recipe for SMEs technology acquisition: the SCRATCH Project, pitfalls, tricks, success
    J.L. Bonafé, EuroInter

Tuesday, 30th January 2001


SMEs involvement in Large Manufacturers Concurrent Engineering methods dissemination

  • Objectives of the CE initiatives in the Airbus field and its extension to Large Manufacturers
    J.C Dunyach (Enhance project)
  • Synthesises of the available Cepra project results
    R. Santoro, (Cepra project)
  • CE methods adaptation to SMEs expectations
    J.C Hochon, (Cash project)
  • CE adapted methods validation in SMEs premises
    J.L. Bonafé, (Ascent)

Match making events

Opportunity for SMEs to meet large companies to discuss possible co-operation in the field of research.


AECMA SME Group meeting

The SME Group represents the interests of aeronautical SMEs within AECMA to appropriate entities and provides a forum for the discussion of SME-related issues.
The meeting will be the opportunity to obtain information about the activities of the SME Group.


Match making events

Opportunity for SMEs to meet large companies to discuss possible co-operation in the field of research.

  Dinner Cruise Through the Hamburg Harbour (sponsored by EADS Airbus and co-partners)

Wednesday, 31st January 2001

  Meeting - ROOM 15

Match making events

Presentation of the technology platform project: "Power optimised aircraft", followed by individual meetings with SMEs.
(open to SMEs only)

  Closing Plenary Session
  Conference Sessions and Exhibition Closing
  Conference Excursions

SME Forum information stand

The SME Forum had an information stand at the Conference Exhibition, allowing individuals the opportunity to organize meetings with representatives of the major aeronautic players and other potential partners for R&TD collaboration.

Representatives of SME actions supported by the European Union (AeroSME, AeroForum, SCRATCH, etc.) were present at the stand during the three days of the Conference. They presented their activities and the services they provide to SMEs. They demonstrated the networking opportunities of the SME Database and the project Web sites and provided support and facilities for SME to SME networking.

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