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Basic Research Policy in the ERA - Chronology

European Research Council

Structure of the ERC

Scientific Council of ERC

The ERC Identification Committee




Structure of the European Research Council

The Commission has proposed that the ERC should consist of a Scientific Council supported by a Dedicated Implementation Structure:

The Scientific Council (ERC ScC) will be the supervising body of the ERC, acting as an autonomous entity and independent of other organisations or influences. It will establish the overall scientific strategy for the programme, monitor and control the quality of operations and evaluate the implementation of the programme. It will establish the positions on implementation and management of calls for proposals, evaluation criteria, peer review processes including the selection of experts and the methods for peer review and proposal evaluation. It will also be responsible for the communication with the scientific community and key stakeholders on the activities and achievements of the ERC.

The Dedicated Implementation Structure (DIS) will be responsible for the operational management of the ERC, as provided for in the annual work programme. In particular, it will implement the evaluation procedures, peer review and selection processes according to the principles established by the Scientific Council and will ensure the financial and scientific management of the grants.

The Commission will act as the guarantor of ERC’s full autonomy and integrity.





last update: 17/05/06