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Controlled Thermonuclear Fusion - Implementation

Information last updated on 23 March 2002

Having regard to the long term objective and to the integrated nature of the fusion activities carried out in Europe, the key action will be carried out principally by the European laboratories associated with Euratom, in collaboration with university teams, and by industry: as a general rule the implementation of this key action does not involve calls for proposals and there is therefore no corresponding schedule.

The key action on controlled thermonuclear fusion is implemented within the framework of:

  • contracts of association with Member States (and Switzerland, Czech Republic, Romania and Hungary) or organisations in the Member States for activities in physics, plasma engineering and technology;
  • other contracts of limited duration, particularly with organisations in a Member State which has no association;
  • the JET Joint Undertaking until end 1999;
  • the European Fusion Development Agreement (EFDA), a long-term cooperation agreement incorporating technology activities in the associations and in European industry, the collective use of the JET facilities, as well as the European contribution to international collaborations such as ITER;
  • the agreement for the promotion of mobility of researchers;
  • Marie Curie Fellowships.

As a general rule, the fifth framework programme makes a uniform annual financial contribution of about 25% towards the current expenditure of associations and towards contracts of limited duration. Having consulted the consultative committee, the Commission may finance:

  • the capital costs of specifically defined projects, to which priority status has been awarded, at a uniform rate of 45%,
  • specifically defined activities (such as the use of the JET facilities after 1999), carried out under the EFDA, at a maximum rate of 75%,
  • procurements and services which can only be provided by industry, at a maximum rate of 100%.

In the case of project and activities receiving a financial contribution up to 45% or 75%, all the associations and organisations taking part in the key action on controlled thermonuclear fusion have the right to take part in the experiments carried out on the equipment concerned.



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