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For an easy-to-read introduction to FP7 in 21 languages, see the brochure, "FP7 - tomorrow's answers
start today", on Understanding the Seventh Framework Programme


FP7 was the European Union's Research and Innovation
funding programme for 2007-2013.
The current programme is Horizon 2020
but there are many projects funded under FP7 which are still running.

Country profile and featured projects for Ireland

The PDF file below contains the country profile and summaries of one or more specially selected projects.

Featured Projects

This list contains 20 recent projects that have a partner in Ireland.

A deep-sea remotely operated vehicle prepares to sample cold-water corals from the Logachev coral carbonate mound province, Rockall Bank, North Atlantic.

Underwater photo of the ocean

Image of seafood on ice

Photo of the fish farm

Image of collision avoidance maneuvre at control center

Image of planet Earth 360°

Picture of the doctor examining an African child

Image of the doctor's hand sketching virtual kidneys

Photo of happy young woman agronomist with apple in hand

Woman holding two apples and banana on her stomach

Photo of the researchers testing the machine

Photo of an old woman's hands

Doctor holding hand of older persone

Picture of a hand with a green light bulb floating over it

Photo of a mobile phone with the app

Picture of a fishing boat on the sea

Image of carbon fiber cloth fabric

Image of young people at the street festival

photo of electronic waste mainly computers and printers

Photo of an electric car being recharged

All Projects

You can find all the success stories for Ireland in the Information Centre

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