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Q: In a proposal in two steps (stage 1) are the following parts required in the section B of the proposal: 1.3 tables from 1.3a to 1.3e: no 3 - Impact 3.1: yes- 3.2: no? 4. Ethical issues: only the ethical issue table? Max number of pages: 10 - table 1 and 2 (2 pgs) ?
A: For Part 1.3, you only need the overview of S/T methodology and work plan. You do not need to provide tables 1.3a to 1.3e. For the part on impact, you only need to respond to 3.1. However, if the proposers have an idea about how they will tackle dissemination/exploitation, it is good to mention this. 4. Ethical issues, the table is not required but if there are ethical issues facing the project, it is good to briefly mention them. The two tables in part 6. are not included in the 10 page limit for part B.
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