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For an easy-to-read introduction to FP7 in 21 languages, see the brochure, "FP7 - tomorrow's answers
start today", on Understanding the Seventh Framework Programme


FP7 was the European Union's Research and Innovation
funding programme for 2007-2013.
The current programme is Horizon 2020
but there are many projects funded under FP7 which are still running.

Frequently Asked Questions about FP7

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Q: Stage-1: several partners have already filled out form A 2.1, while this is not necessary. Do you recommend to delete the entries/ the members from the proposal at this step or should we keep the forms, even if some are not filled completely ? Is it possible to choose which form will be send at the submission procedure?
A: At stage 1, only the coordinator has to fill in the A2. We do not think that if other partners fill in the A2 form that the project will be rejected but it is information that is not asked for and will not be looked at. There may also be a further risk that logically if you fill in A2, the EPSS system should ask you to fill in A3 as well so there is even more extra information that is not required for stage 1.The important thing is that for Stage 1, the coordinator fills in the A forms and for each Type of Activity, enters the total anticipated costs against the first cost heading (i.e. Coordinator's "Personnel Costs"). It is not necessary at stage 1 to make any entry against "Subcontracting", "Other direct" or "Indirect Costs". For each Type of Activity, the Requested EU Contribution for the full proposal should be entered.
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