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For an easy-to-read introduction to FP7 in 21 languages, see the brochure, "FP7 - tomorrow's answers
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FP7 was the European Union's Research and Innovation
funding programme for 2007-2013.
The current programme is Horizon 2020
but there are many projects funded under FP7 which are still running.

Frequently Asked Questions about FP7

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Q: What is the difference between "NCP Coordinator" and "National Coordinator"?
A: The precise term to be used is the National NCP Coordinator, who is the manager/leader of the national network of thematic FP7 National Contact Points (FP7 NCPs) in each Member State or Associated Country. This person is officially appointed by the Ministry of Research and Higher Education in his/her country. However, another role is played by the leader of the Coordination and Support Actions (CSAs) funded by the EC to improve the performance of the national NCP networks by trans-national exchange of experience and best practices. As all CSAs, these projects granted to a consortium of NCPs would need a project coordinator to represent the consortium towards the EC. This project coordinator for an NCP action is sometimes inofficially referred to as a "NCP coordinator", as a short form of the correct term "NCP project coordinator". This person is selected by the other consortium participants to be their project coordinator. However, the term "National Coordinator" may be used by any domestic or international network serving whatever purpose. Such a term would only give meaning within an explained context. If it is obvious that the FP7 NCP network is referred to, then "National Coordinator" would simply be a shortened form of "National NCP Coordinator" in this specific context. Note that the term "NCP National Coordinator" may sometimes be used in inofficial communications, and this person is identical to the "National NCP Coordinator".
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