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FP7 was the European Union's Research and Innovation
funding programme for 2007-2013.
The current programme is Horizon 2020
but there are many projects funded under FP7 which are still running.

Frequently Asked Questions about FP7

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Q: What specific research activities will be undertaken as part of the Socio-economic sciences and Humanities programme?
A: The research activities supported by the theme Socio-economic sciences and Humanities are organised along eight overarching activities Activity 1: Competitiveness, growth and employment. Problem-oriented and policy-relevant research will deal with competitiveness, growth and employment. It will concentrate on the internationalisation of innovation activities; globalisation of economic activities; the impact of demographic changes; the interaction between knowledge, human capital and the economy; the role of the services sector and the intangible investments, as well as the increasing role of culture and creativity. Activity 2: Paths towards sustainable development. The overall aim of the activity is to provide a significantly improved understanding and measurement of how economic, social and environmental objectives of the sustainable development might be successfully combined in an international perspective Activity 3: Major trends in society and their implications Research will address amongst other things the causes, effects and likely future impacts of demographic changes; changing nature of work and private life; the increasing role of environment and public health; and the evolution of lifestyles, consumption patterns, values, attitudes and beliefs of contemporary societies. Activity 4: Europe in the World The Activity aims at understanding how global interactions and interdependencies are changing, and how they impact the economy, society, institutions and security Activity 5: The Citizen in the European Union in Europe and in the rest of the world. Interdisciplinary research will tackle the various ways in which diverse forms and interpretations of democratic participation and “ownership”, citizenship, diversities and commonalities can overcome problems and difficulties emerging at the national, regional, and EU level. Activity 6: Socio-economic and scientific indicators Projects under this heading will aim to improve the relevance, quality and quantity of indicators made available to policy makers together with the analytical techniques and models used in support of all aspects of policy, in particular for the assessment of their impacts. EU research policy will be considered in this context. Activity 7: Foresight activities Foresight will contribute to the analysis of changes in the global research system and their possible implications for European research policy. It will also provide strategic intelligence useful for the mid-term revision of FP7 and the preparation of the 8th Framework Programme for European Research (FP8). Activity 8: Strategic Activities This Activity addresses certain “horizontal” activities that are necessary for the good implementation of the specific thematic priority, in particular emerging and unforeseen policy needs, international cooperation, dissemination of programme activities and strategic studies. Over the seven years of the programme’s implementation, it is intended that a broad balance will be observed among the Activities.
Category : Social Sciences and Humanities , FP7 (Seventh Framework Programme)


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