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Frequently Asked Questions about FP7

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Q: Can a programme selected under the 2007 COFUND call be resubmitted under a subsequent COFUND call (e.g. 2008 or 2009)?
A: The legal entity responsible for a programme can submit several proposals for the same programme to the same or subsequent COFUND calls and can receive funding for each, subject to the 5M€/entity limit. However, as the Community financial regulations excludes any same project from being funded by different community grants, the different proposals must cover strictly separate budgets.

The applicant shall immediately inform the Commission of any multiple applications and/or multiple grants relating to the programme. In no circumstances shall the same costs be financed twice by the same budget.

During the execution phase of the Grant agreement, evidence of the separation of budgets must be provided as part of the reporting to the Commission.

For further information please see :  FP7 Marie Curie Actions 

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