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For an easy-to-read introduction to FP7 in 21 languages, see the brochure, "FP7 - tomorrow's answers
start today", on Understanding the Seventh Framework Programme


FP7 was the European Union's Research and Innovation
funding programme for 2007-2013.
The current programme is Horizon 2020
but there are many projects funded under FP7 which are still running.

Frequently Asked Questions about FP7

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Q: Regarding Article II.5, paragraph 2 of the model grant agreement, does this imply that no payment will be made if there is no response from Commission within the stated time limit in Article II.5, paragraph 1 as payment will only be made after receiving explicit approval? If no response has been made within the time-limit do the beneficiaries claim interest on late payment if the time limit has not been suspended?
A: According to Article II.5.2 no payment will be made until the Commission has approved the reports and/or deliverables – even if outside the time-limit in Article II.5.1. The Commission will in that case pay interest in accordance with Article II.5.5 – the beneficiaries do not need to claim it.
Category : FP7 (Seventh Framework Programme) , Contracts and legal issues


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