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Transport - More sustainable and secure transport systems
“To improve modelling of freight flows between Europe and the rest of the world.”

The problem

External aspects of the global economy have a big influence on the EU economy and can significantly affect the flow of freight transport into and out of the Union. These global factors play a key role in the growing problem of European transport congestion. The existing methods for modelling and forecasting freight transport flow, however, are largely focused on transport within the EU. To understand EU congestion more comprehensively, it is important to extend the modelling methods to cover freight transport between the EU and all the other major countries and regions of the world.

Worldnet  Freight flow between Europe and the rest of the world


Worldnet will generate more precise understanding of the flow of freight transport between European countries and the rest of the world.

The project will:

  • Extend the existing European transport network model – TRANS-TOOLS – to other regions of the world and facilitate its use by policy-makers and researchers throughout the world
  • Implement a new communications network with regions and countries outside of Europe to improve mutual understanding of and planning for freight flows on a global basis
  • Bring together stakeholders and policy-makers in seminars and a conference

Contribution to policy development:

  • Worldnet will provide policy-makers with more accurate data and forecasts on international freight transport flow.
  • The project will promote better understanding of external international factors that affect congestion of the EU transport network.
  • The project will lead to improved communications network linking policy-makers and researchers across the globe.

Project deliverables

  • Communications strategy – November 2007
  • Three seminars on Central & Eastern Europe and MEDA countries, America, and Other Parts of World – March 2008
  • Freight-flow modelling database and CD – August 2008
  • Web tools for visualisation of network model results and on-line user manual – January 2009
  • Final report – February 2009


  • Worldnet website to be maintained for at least three years after project ends – active from July 2007
  • Three workshops/seminars – March 2008
  • Active contacts with related EU-funded projects – ongoing during and after project
  • Worldnet conference involving stakeholders and policy-makers – February 2009
  • Publications and presentations at international conferences – February 2009

Technical information

Project acronym: Worldnet
Project’s official full title: European transport network model refinement regarding freight and intermodal transport to and from the rest of the world
Research priority: The development of tools, indicators and operational parameters for assessing sustainable transport and energy systems performance (economic, environmental and social)
Specific webpage: not available
Proposal/contract no: 044398
Start date: 01 May 2007
Kick off meeting: 8 May 2007
Completion date: 28 February 2009
European Commission scientific officer: Frederik Rasmussen,

Name: NEA Transport research and training
Abbreviated name: NEA
Address: P.O. Box 1969, 2280 DZ Rijswijk
Country: Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0) 88 696 9388
Fax: +31 (0) 88 696 9384


Name: Ocean Shipping Consultants Ltd
Abbreviated name: OSC
Country: United Kingdom

Name: Institute for Economic Policy Research
Abbreviated name: IWW

Name: MKmetric Gesellschaft für Systemplanung mbH
Abbreviated name: MKM
Country: Germany

Name: TINA Vienna
Abbreviated name: TINA Vienna
Country: Austria

Name: DEMIS bv
Abbreviated name: DEMIS
Country: Netherlands