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Economic development and cohesion
Economic development and cohesion - Banding together for prosperity
“To develop a methodology for linking knowledge providers and end-users and to supply the best available information on sustainable urban development to policy-makers.”

The problem

Local governments play an important role in implementing sustainable urban development policy. Ideally, decision-makers in city authorities need to be fully aware of the latest research findings, the range of available solutions, and current legislation and best practice. It is therefore important that information is exchanged and disseminated to end-users in a timely and appropriate format.

URBAN MATRIX  Meeting the demand for quality urban sustainability information


URBAN MATRIX addresses the need for an information system to supply city-level officials and policy-makers with the latest knowledge on urban sustainability in a tailor-made format.

The project will:

  • Chart the demand for knowledge on urban sustainability using surveys
  • Organise the supply of information (e.g., products, solutions, guidelines, policy and legal requirements) from European research activities
  • Develop and evaluate a matrix methodology to match the supply of knowledge with demand

Contribution to policy development:

  • URBAN MATRIX will support the aims of the Thematic Strategy on the Urban Environment and the Sixth Environmental Action Programme
  • The project contributes to the wider policy goals of the Lisbon (economic and social) and Gothenburg (sustainable development) strategies, and the implementation of the Aalborg+10 Commitments
  • It provides inputs to the pilot European Urban Knowledge Network and the development of a global database of good practice for sustainable development.

Project deliverables

  • Project contact mailing list – August 2006
  • Rounds of survey results for knowledge demand of local authorities – August 2006, October 2007, June 2008
  • e-library on website for organising and transferring knowledge - July 2006
  • Six thematic workshops to support the knowledge transfer process – March 2007, November 2007, May 2008, November 2008, May 2009, November 2009
  • Final report – January 2010


  • Interactive project website – July 2006
  • Information postcards to officials in large European cities – October 2007
  • Thematic workshop reports – July 2007, February 2008, July 2008, February 2009, July 2009, January 2010
  • Translation of workshop outcomes – January 2008, January 2010
  • Outcome dissemination, for example, via system of websites, and EUROCITIES communication channels – January 2010

Technical information

Project acronym: URBAN MATRIX
Project’s official full title: Targeted Knowledge Exchange on Urban Sustainability
Research priority: Forecasting and Developing Innovative Policies for Sustainability in the Medium and Long Term
Specific webpage:
Proposal/contract no: 022744
Start date: 1st January 2006
Kick off meeting: May 2006
Completion date: 31 January 2009
European Commission scientific officer: Vincent Favrel,

Abbreviated name: E/C
Address: Square de Meeŭs 1
B-1000 Brussels
Country: Belgium
Tel: +32 25520888
Fax: +32 25520889


Name: University of the West of England, Bristol
Abbreviated name: UWE
Country: United Kingdom         

Name: GHK Consulting
Abbreviated name: GHK
Country: United Kingdom

Name: Development Department, City of Amsterdam
Abbreviated name: OGA
Country: Netherlands

Name: City of Helsinki
Abbreviated name: HEL
Country: Finland

Name: Ayuntamiento de Sevilla
Abbreviated name: SE
Country: Spain

Name: Malmö Stad
Abbreviated name: MA
Country: Sweden

Name: Belfast City Council
Abbreviated name: BE
Country: United Kingdom

Name: Fomento de San Sebastian
Abbreviated name: SS
Country: Spain

Name: Comune di Palermo
Abbreviated name: PA
Country: Italy

Name: City Planning Administration of Stockholm
Abbreviated name: ST
Country: Sweden

Name: Sheffield City Council
Abbreviated name: SH
Country: United Kingdom