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Transport - More sustainable and secure transport systems
“To improve the methods used to measure the levels and quality of transport services and assess the effects of policy changes on these key variables.”

The problem

Transport congestion is a huge and growing problem across all sectors, and is receiving considerable attention from Commission-funded research projects. However, one relatively neglected area is the rigorous assessment of the quality and level of services and their impact on user choices. Policy-makers need a better understanding of how users will respond to changing levels and qualities of different transport services, and how to measure these variables with greater accuracy.

TOOLQIT  A TOOLQIT for measuring quality of service in transport


TOOLQIT will develop and validate a framework for the assessment of levels and quality of service across different transport market segments.

The project will:

  • Refine and validate common definitions for levels of service for a variety of transport systems
  • Propose indicators for levels of service and quality of transport, an accounting framework, measurement tools and methods to assess the impacts of policy
  • Recommend ways to exploit the project’s results

Contribution to policy development:

  • TOOLQIT will provide tools to assess the quality implications of proposed transport policy changes.
  • It will help develop a better understanding of requirements to promote the desired shift from private road use to rail, water and public passenger transport.
  • The project will assist the ongoing harmonisation of standards and improved definitions of standards.

Project deliverables

  • Levels of service and quality of transport standards – November 2007
  • Levels of service and quality of transport measurements – January 2008
  • TOOLQIT accounting framework for the levels of service and quality of transport – November 2008
  • Final report and recommendations – May 2009


  • Workshops involving the full range of stakeholders – September 2007, March 2008 and June 2008
  • Links with the EU-backed TRANSFORUM project – regular contact as appropriate
  • Participation of TOOLQIT partners in major research conferences – as opportunities arise
  • Publication of results in book form – subject to publisher’s interest and timetable

Technical information

Project acronym: TOOLQIT
Project’s official full title: Tools for the assessment of level and quality of service across different transport market segments
Research priority: The development of tools, indicators and operational parameters for assessing sustainable transport and energy systems performance
Specific webpage: not available
Proposal/contract no: 044138
Start date: 01 May 2007
Kick off meeting: 30 May 007
Completion date: 31 April 2009
European Commission scientific officer: Frederik Rasmussen,

Name: TIS.PT, consultores em Transportes, Inovação e Sistemas, SA
Abbreviated name: TIS.PT
Address: Av. da República, nº 35 - 6º P, 1050-186 Lisboa
Country: Portugal
Tel: +351 21 350 44 00
Fax: +351 21 350 44 01


Name: Universitaet Karlsruhe (TH) Institut fuer Wirtschaftspolitik und Wirtschaftsforschung
Abbreviated name: UNIKARL
Country: Germany

Name: TRT, Trasporti e Territorio srl
Abbreviated name: TRT
Country: Italy

Name: The Interdisciplinary Centre for Comparative Research in the Social Sciences
Abbreviated name: ICCR
Country: Austria

Name: Institute of Transport Economics
Abbreviated name: TØI
Country: Norway

Name: COWI A/S
Abbreviated name: COWI
Country: Denmark

Name: Babtie spol. s r.o.
Abbreviated name: BABTIE SPOL
Country: Czech Republic

Name: Nouveaux Espaces de Transport en Europe – Application de Recherche
Abbreviated name: NESTEAR
Country: France

Name: MKmetric Gesellschaft für Systemplanung mbH
Abbreviated name: MKm
Country: Germany