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Information society
Information society - Promoting a secure digital society for all
“To create a seamless, effective, efficient, trusted and widely used infrastructure for computer-based transactions between both government and private enterprises –creating more high-value jobs in the process.”

The problem

Various studies show that more enterprises are willing to entrust transactions, such as orders and payments, to electronic media. Many purpose-built or exclusive networked communities exist, but a universally accepted and used infrastructure has yet to emerge in Europe. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are largely left out for many reasons, limiting their ability to compete. A common interoperable, e-business registry network covering legal, usability, functional, accessibility, cultural, linguistic and business issues would improve Europe’s competitive position.

SEEMseed  Building the e-business expressway


A Single Electronic European Market (SEEM) will help both the government and the private sector cut transaction costs and speed up business activities.

The project will:

  • Identify how the intended policies could/should affect work and jobs
  • Formulate global standards for interoperable e-business systems
  • Produce reliable, secure and legally binding protocols and technologies
  • Develop simple and effective interfaces
  • Set up a trusted environment, tested via a proof of concept study for e-business in pollutant waste management
  • Orient regional and European policies in SEEM-related fields with the contribution of qualified professionals and stakeholders

Contribution to policy development:

The project addresses the following:

  • Job creation, work tasks, and entrepreneurship in a modern economy
  • Improving the competitiveness of European SMEs
  • The exploitation of information society opportunities

Project deliverables

  • Dynamic, self-maintained knowledge base on SEEM-related research and policies across Europe – September 2005
  • Technology resources, focused on repository/ registry principles to enable the relevant aspects of SEEM – September 2005
  • Proof of concept pilot study based on management of pollutant waste products – January 2006
  • Recommendations to orient regional and European policies in SEEM-related fields – June 2006


  • Introduction event – January 2004
  • National workshops  – December 2004, September 2005 and June 2006
  • Website to host project documents and knowledge base – On-going
  • Publication of technical and marketing literature – On-going

Technical information

Project acronym: SEEMseed
Project’s official full title: Study, Evaluate, and Explore in the Domain of the Single Electronic European Market
Research priority: Information Society issues (such as management and protection of digital assets, and inclusive access to the information society) 
Specific webpage:
Proposal/contract no: IST-1-502515-STP
Start date: 01/01/2004
Kick off meeting: 15/01/2004
Completion date: 30/06/2006
European Commission scientific officer: Isidro Laso-Ballesteros (

Name: Antara Information Technology
Abbreviated Name: Antara
Address: Calle Benjamín Franklin, 12, Parque Tecnológico s/n, 46980 PATERNA (VALENCIA)
Country: Spain
Tel: +34 652950756
Fax: +34 961994220 


Name: Antara Information Technology
Abbreviated Name: Antara
Country: Spain

Name: Instituto de Desenvolvimento de Novas Tecnologias 
Abbreviated Name: UNINOVA
Country: Portugal

Name: TIE Holding
Abbreviated Name: TIE
Country: The Netherlands

Name: Asociación de Investigación y Desarrollo en la Industria del Mueble y Afines 
Abbreviated Name: AIDIMA
Country: Spain

Abbreviated Name: Democenter
Country: Italy

Name: Telefónica Móviles España 
Abbreviated Name: Telefónica Móviles
Country: Spain

Name: Atos Origin
Abbreviated Name: Atos Origin
Country: Spain

Name: European Committee for Standardization
Abbreviated Name: CEN/ISSS
Country: Belgium

Name: Mellon Technologies
Abbreviated Name: Mellon
Country: Greece

Name: Loughborough University
Abbreviated Name: Loughborough
Country: United Kingdom

Name: European Association of Development Agencies
Abbreviated Name: EURADA
Country: Belgium

Abbreviated Name: Enviro
Country: Greece

Name: University of Stuttgart
Abbreviated Name: Stuttgart University
Country: Germany

Name: Institute of Parallel and Distributed Systems
Abbreviated Name: IPVS
Country: Germany

Name: Fraunhofer Institut für Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation
Abbreviated Name: FhG/IAO
Country: Germany

Name: University of Oldenburg
Abbreviated Name: Oldenburg
Country: Germany

Name: Berlecon Research
Abbreviated Name: Berlecon
Country: Germany

Name: Conselleria de Territorio y Vivienda de la Generalitat Valenciana 
Abbreviated Name: CTV
Country: Spain

Name: Landesumweltamt Brandenburg
Abbreviated Name: LUA
Country: Germany

Name: Department of Waste Management. Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg
Abbreviated Name: TU HH
Country: Germany

Name: Residuos Industriales de la Madera y Afines 
Abbreviated Name: RIMASA
Country: Spain

Name: Büro für Umweltplanung
Abbreviated Name: BfU
Country: Germany

Abbreviated Name: Sisaqua
Country: Portugal