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Agriculture - Planting the seeds for sustainable farming and forestry
"Meeting societal demands for sustainable agriculture"

The problem

The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is a significant feature of EU institutions and functions that must be kept under regular review and development if it is to meet demands of the day. Such review and development requires co-operation among all who are engaged in agricultural, rural development and agri-environmental policy. This project will enhance such co-operation by bringing together scientists, policy makers, producers and consumers to review the achievements and future needs of scientific support to agricultural policy.

SASSPO  Agriculture - Planting the seeds for sustainable farming and forestry


This project will identify and review linkages between market reform, rural development policies and agri-environmental schemes. Contributors to these policy areas will meet be brought together at two seminar-workshops to develop a common understanding of policy requirements, establish co-operation between authorities responsible for agricultural policies, rural development and agri-environmental issues and exchange experiences between EU, accession and candidate states. It will identify prioritised areas for a new research agenda based on options for policy reform.

Contribution to policy development:

  • The project will identify opportunities and seek to enhance linkages among complementary policy areas
  • Positive national policies and experience will used as models for enhancing EU practice
  • A prioritised schedule will be produced of research options in support of current and future CAP development

Project deliverables

  • Report: Background note on the wider context of EU policies – May 2006
  • Report: Driving forces of European agriculture – May 2006
  • Report: Main trends in agriculture and their relation to sustainability – May 2006
  • Report: The implication for policy and research, and for policy implementation – May 2004
  • Report: Dissemination Plan – July 2006
  • Report: Project results and policy implementation plan


  • A project website will present objectives, participants, progress and reports
  • Participants will maintain links with complementary groups across Europe
  • Multi-lingual press releases will be circulated following project workshops and seminars
  • Significant results and conclusions will be submitted for publication in EuroChoices and peer-review scientific journals

Technical information

Project acronym: SASSPO
Project’s official full title: Agriculture for sustainable development: A dialogue on societal demand, pressures and options for policy
Specific webpage: www.mtt.sasspo/
Proposal/contract no: 022698
Start date: January 2006
Kick off meeting: January 2006
Completion date: December 2006

Coordinator: Hilkka Vihinen
Name: Agrifood Research Finland
Abbreviated name: MTT
Address: Luutnantintie 13, 00410 Helsinki
Country: Finland
Tel: +358 9 5608 6313


Name: Agricultural Economics Research Institute
Abbreviated name: LEI
Country: The Netherlands